How to quit a guy to come back

How to quit a guy to come backIf you began to feel that once your partner’s fiery feelings turned into dim echoes of past passion, it’s time to start acting. And, despite the fact that men are called the stronger sex, it is usually fragile women that act decisively. If you like your partner, but there is already no "sparkle", breathe new life into relationships. For this it is necessary to part with the guy so that he will return.

Why part

There is an old saying that a person can become fully aware of how happy he was when he was deprived of this happiness. It is necessary to make your man understand what treasure he had in his hands, so that he would begin to look at the world in a new way and appreciate every second spent with his beloved.

To achieve this, you need to show willpower and an enviable endurance, otherwise all efforts will not lead to anything and will only aggravate the situation. Throwing a man to come back is very risky, but this risk will be fully justified when your lover will literally carry you in his arms, not believing in his own happiness!
How to quit a guy to come back

Before moving from theory to practice, it is worth soberly assess the situation. For example, if you have just started dating, and he is already showing a scornful attitude and simply does not notice you, think carefully, do you need such a man? After all, he could not "hold out" and a couple of months! Do you need to spend your strength and nerves on it and revive your feelings for the sake of a short burst of romance, which again will quickly run out?

If, on the contrary, you live together for a long time or are married, then such drastic measures to leave the man so that he can return, can be extremely risky. In this case, you must act very carefully and thoroughly. Think over each step and “try on” it to your individual situation. Remember, there is no single relationship fix for all couples in the world.
How to quit a guy to come back


How to quit a man so that he comes back

We offer you a list of simple, but extremely effective steps that will help you to quit a guy, so that he will come back and worship you:

  1. Give your partner more free space in life.Stop asking control questions like: “Where are you going?” Or “What time are you coming back?”. Let him feel a touch of indifference on your part. But you shouldn't go too far too.
  2. Remember, from what he was delighted when you just started dating? Maybe it's worth noticing it again in your life, starting the same way, adding a little bit of intrigue and piquancy, playing the part of a naive seducer you were to him from the very beginning. The guy will not understand your cunning move, but his subconscious will automatically “pull out” forgotten feelings from the depths of the soul.How to quit a guy to come back
  3. Behave with the guy the way he wants it. Be perfect in every way. The more painful it will be to lose it when you decide that it is time to “finish the performance”.
  4. The last and most important condition is good sex. Give the man all that he dreamed of. Let at one only look at you at it animal instincts wake up. If you lose shape, sign up for the gym, if you walk around the house in an old T-shirt, replace it with a silk gown. In general, hint to your male that before him is a desired prey, and that if he does not master it, someone else will do it.How to quit a guy to come back

Quitting a guy so that he comes back through time will allow you to take a little break in the relationship. You gain strength, and he will rest and realizes how he really misses you. However, if everything worked out for you, and you became a loving passionate couple again, do not allow those past mistakes that led to the separation.

How many guys did you have?

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