How to quit smoking. Simple and effective methods

The main problem of getting rid of this habit is sitting in the head. After all, a person does not experience physical pain. He is plagued by obsessive thoughts about a cigarette. So the first way is to start controlling your brain. As soon as you have a desire to smoke, repeat that it is easy, free and pleasant for you to live without cigarettes. Desire will pass quickly. On the second or third day, you will have a sharper sense of smell: all odors will become more saturated. Your body begins to recover, so think more often about how beautiful it is to become more and more healthy every day. It will give you strength.
Sometimes it is difficult to control your brain without auxiliary elements. Therefore, when the thought of a cigarette appears in your head, start ... squat. The number of times you choose. And no matter where: on the street, in the subway, at a party. Such a “therapy” gives results very quickly: literally two days and you throw thoughts of smoking out of your head.
There is another method from the category of psychology. Gather the most dear to you people whose opinion is very important to you and promise them that you will quit smoking now. Believe me, this funny way works wonders. After all, you have a choice: to lose the trust of important people or smoke a nasty cigarette. Studies have long proved that promises made in public are almost always fulfilled.

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