How to raise a premature baby

A child born before the 37-38 weeks of gestation weighing less than 2.5 kg is considered premature. Such children have a small height and disproportionate physique, hyperemic skin, a feather in the area of ​​the back, soft bones and ungrown cranial sutures. How to raise a premature baby?

The first days after the maternity hospital

First of all, the parents of such a baby should be prepared for the fact that his motor and mental skills will develop somewhat later than that of ordinary children. The baby, born seven months, will roll over, hold his head and sit down 1.5-2 months later than his peers who were born on time. Premature babies need to ensure constant tactile contact with the mother: they need to be ironed more often, worn on their hands, skin on skin should be spread on the stomach, and the like. With regard to nutrition, it is necessary to make every effort to feed the baby breast milk, and not artificial formulas.Moreover, it is necessary to feed the premature baby more often and in small portions.
In the room where the child is, you need to regularly clean and exclude for a few months all contact with relatives and friends, because such children are most susceptible to infections, their immune system is still in the formative stage. The temperature in the nursery should be maintained at a constant mark of 23-25 ​​° C, for bathing the ideal indicators of water temperature will be 37 ° C. However, it must be remembered that premature babies constantly run the risk of overcooling or overheating; therefore, they must be changed quickly, and clean clothes and diapers with ironing, but not overdo it.

Health care

All used bottles and teats must be sterilized. For premature babies, a massage is very useful, which mother can perform herself, after taking lessons from a specialist. Children who were breathing during the first days of their lives are susceptible to bronchial spasms. Therefore, in case of SARS disease, in order to prevent such consequences, treatment of a spasm must be started in advance.To raise premature babies in the first two years of life should be under the constant supervision of a cardiologist, orthopedic surgeon and neurologist. Parents should be prepared for constant intestinal colic in the baby, so the mother breastfeeding her baby should monitor her diet and eliminate foods that cause gas in the intestines in her child.
In general, such babies should be under the supervision of all doctors and undergo all necessary examinations. A young mother should pay attention to the slightest problems in the behavior and development of her child and immediately seek help from a specialist.

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