How to recognize gastritis

The following symptoms are characteristic of gastritis: • heaviness in the epigastric region • pain in the abdomen • belching • nausea • unpleasant taste in the mouth. These symptoms usually appear within two hours after you eat food.
Gastritisproceeds with high, normal and low acidity. Signs of increased acidity include: heartburn, sour belching, feeling of hunger, pain that stops after you eat or drink mineral water. Symptoms of low acidity include pain in the stomach after a meal, flatulence, diarrhea or constipation, dysbiosis or candidiasis, as well as external manifestations such as nail layering and acne. To reduce the acidity, there are many tools, and it is quite difficult to increase it. As a measure to increase the acidity, you can drink a few sips of lemon, pomegranate or apple juice before you eat.
If you experience pain, discomfort in the abdomen, you need to contact a gastroenterologist, who will schedule an examination, and according to its results a course of treatment.The treatment of gastritis is complex and includes drugs, diet and strict daily regimen. A doctor with suspected gastritis prescribes gastroscopy, X-ray examination and determines the acidity of gastric juice.
At the time of exacerbation of gastritis should follow a strict diet. With increased acidity should eat vegetables in the form of mashed potatoes, fish, milk, cottage cheese, and meat should be lean and boiled. It is forbidden to eat fried food and fresh bread. At low acidity, low-fat boiled meat and fish, boiled vegetables and fermented milk products, low-fat broth soups and fruit juices are recommended.

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