How to recover from Postinor

The instructions to the "Postinor" gives a strict recommendation - re-taking the drug is desirable onlyafterexamination of the doctor and not earlier than after 6 monthsafterprevious use. After all, a blow to the hormonal system of the female body is quite comparable in strength to severe brain concussion.
To eliminate the negative impact of "Postinor»aftertaking the drug before the expected date of the next menstruation, it is advisable to visit the gynecologist to assess possible side effects, and in the absence of bleeding in time, consultation with the doctor becomes mandatory - only this way you can find out if the pregnancy occurred or taking the drug led to severe menstrual disorders.
Before the next menstruation, you must first ask your doctor whether you should take drugs to improve blood clotting and enhance uterine contractions, which ones and in what dosages.This is especially often required for women who have monthly blood loss and so are large enough or have previously had hormonal disorders that require hormonal correction.
It is undesirable to use “Postinor” for unborn women - evenaftera single dose of the drug there is a risk of irreversible hormonal disorders (although very little, according to statistics, infertility occurs only in one woman out of 1000).

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