How to reduce the cost of gas and electricity in the house?

Unfortunately, utility bills increase almost every year, and therefore the problem of saving is very relevant for many. But the cost of electricity and gas can be reduced if you know some tricks and simple rules.

Save electricity

So how to save electricity?

  1. Set the "correct" counter. First of all, it is worth replacing the old one with a new and modern one, as the outdated models calculate at a peak rate, that is, the most expensive one. It is best to put multi-tariff meters that make calculations in the daytime and at night in different ways. Choose the appropriate fare, considering your lifestyle.
  2. The correct placement of devices. Yes, and this is also important. For example, if you put a refrigerator at the stove or at the heater, it will work with double force to extinguish the heat coming from outside. And in this case, of course, power consumption will be much higher.
  3. Proper use of appliances. First, follow all instructions given in the instruction manual. Secondly, remember some simple rules. So, do not look in the fridge several times an hour. Take everything you need at once. Do not remove the cooled dishes to the refrigerator. Drying with a hair dryer can be limited if you wash your hair not before going out, but in your spare time in the evening. The washing machine also consumes a lot of energy, so load it completely to reduce the number of washes, and do not choose too complex modes, especially if things are not soiled. And the electric kettle needs regular descaling, because when it is available, the time of boiling water increases.
  4. Do not forget to turn off the light.
  5. Replace all conventional light bulbs in the house with energy-saving ones.
  6. Specialists recommend instead of a full-fledged central lighting, whose role in many apartments is played by huge chandeliers with a lot of light bulbs, use point, that is located around the perimeter of the room sconces, floor lamps and other fixtures.
  7. Go to bed earlier. This may seem trivial, but most energy is spent in the evening. And an early bedtime will not only save electricity, but also improve your health. Double use!
  8. Important and proper situation in the room. So, for finishing it is better to use more light and glossy materials, they make the room more light. And mirrors and mirror surfaces reflect and scatter light.
  9. Use the technique as needed. That is, if you can do without it, do not miss this opportunity.
  10. Get first class energy efficiency appliances; they consume less electricity.
  11. Do not use the TV “for background”, turn it off if you are not in the room.
  12. If you use an electric stove, then pay special attention to the choice of dishes. First, choose appliances made from materials with high heat capacity. Secondly, it is best to purchase instruments with a rather wide bottom, in this case, you can set the minimum temperature, as the bottom will provide a full and uniform heating.
  13. Turn off all appliances when not in use. Some continue to consume electricity even in the “idle” mode.
  14. Try to ensure the full flow of daylight and enjoy it to the maximum.

We save gas

How to reduce gas consumption? Useful tips:

  1. If you live in a private house and heat it with gas, then pay special attention to the insulation, since it directly affects the fuel consumption required for heating.
  2. Install a gas meter, it will pay only for the amount of gas that you consumed.
  3. Use the correct utensils and follow some simple rules when cooking on the stove. First, it is best to use pans and pots made from heat-intensive materials. Such devices will be better and retain heat longer, which means that gas consumption will decrease. Secondly, choose the gas supply that is needed. And after boiling gas can be reduced. Thirdly, remember that the main part of the heat energy is in the tips of the gas flame, so that if they go beyond the bottom of the device, the gas will be wasted. To avoid this, give preference to wide utensils. Fourth, try to cook mostly under the lid. In addition, do not place small appliances on wide burners. And it is also important to monitor the cleanliness and serviceability of the dishes.Thus, a curved bottom or carbon can increase gas consumption by 30-50%! You can also cover the plate with aluminum foil so that the heat does not go into the surface of the device, but is transferred only to the dishes.
  4. Separately, it is worth writing about the oven, since quite a lot of gas is spent on its work. You should not include it for the sake of baking one apple. Try to cook for several days at once, so as not to use the oven every day, it is very expensive. Keep the door tightly closed. Repair all faults as soon as possible.
  5. If a gas water heater is used to heat the water, then try to save hot water. Instead of a bath, it's better to take a shower. In addition, an economical shower head will reduce consumption.

Successful savings!

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