How to refill Samsung cartridge with toner

Prepare a workstation to refill with Samsung cartridge. For these purposes, the bathroom is ideal: waste toner, like dust, settles under the influence of moisture.
Protect your face from possible contamination with a respirator. You can also use a regular gauze bandage, which you can do yourself with the help of available tools. Remember to protect your hands. Get disposable gloves at the pharmacy or use ordinary rubber household gloves.
Take the tools. You will need two types of screwdrivers (slotted and Phillips), wet cloth, toner, cartridge and funnel. After that, carefully remove the top cover from the cartridge. Locate the two screws on the side surfaces of the cartridge. Unscrew them. If additional screws holding the cover are provided for this model, unscrew them. Inspect the bunker. As a rule, it is filled with waste toner.
Shake it out.Do this smoothly and carefully so that it does not crumble in all directions. After you clean the hopper, take the slotted screwdriver and use it to remove the plug. Pour new toner into the Samsung cartridge. Then return the cork to its original place, close the hopper and collect the cartridge. After that install it in the printer.
Turn on the printer. Look at the toner indicator. If it is lit red, despite the fact that the cartridge has just been refilled, turn off the printer and open its back cover. A microcircuit signed as 93 C66 should be located on the surface of a small board.
Inspect it carefully. Find the first and fourth legs. The countdown should be counterclockwise. Take a soldering iron and carefully solder the jumper between them. Close the cover, turn on the printer. Now the counters will automatically show the initial value of filling the cartridge.

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