How to register a small business in 2018

Determine whether you will be doing business as an individual entrepreneur or create a legal entity, for example, a limited liability company. The individual entrepreneur, even after the registration of a small enterprise, remains an individual. But a legal entity that has many forms has a wider range of rights and obligations. When creating a small business, the choice should be made in favor of an individual enterprise.
To register an individual enterprise, prepare a statutory application for state registration, a copy of a passport, a receipt for payment of a fee, which is 800 rubles. Preselect and enter in the application the codes of the types of activity that the small enterprise will carry out.
Submit the prepared package of documents to the tax authority at the place of your registration.Show the tax inspectorate the original passport or other document proving your identity. After checking the completion of all forms, you will be given a receipt for the receipt of documents that you need to keep.
On the appointed day, receive a certificate of state registration as an individual entrepreneur and an extract from the corresponding registry (EGRIP). If necessary, order the seal of the enterprise, indicating its details on it. The term of registration of an individual enterprise is usually five working days.
Register your company with the territorial office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, after which you will be assigned a registration number. Get registered in the state statistics. Notices of registration for all types of accounting include in the set of working documentation of your enterprise

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