How to remove the chewing gum from hair and clothes?

In our modern world, where everyone is running somewhere, in a hurry and always late, there are a huge number of adaptations created by man to facilitate his own life.

True, such convenient in certain moments, these very inventions, used for other purposes, can periodically create a considerable number of troubles, just the same chewing gum is one of them.

When there is not enough time to brush your teeth and bring your breath in order by standard methods, we grab the chewing gum, and what is fast, tasty, convenient and the result is good!

Unpleasant problemma

All the sadness is that we do not always properly dispose of this product, and as a result: the chewing gum easily ends up on your favorite trousers or skirt after a bad landing on a bench or chair in public transport. Sticky and sticky, she periodically comes across shoes, bags, clothes and even hair!

Any of the above cases is very frustrating, because often the consequences are very unpleasant - unplanned.a hike to the hairdresser and a new short haircut, your favorite jeans are sent to the garbage can because of the stains that are not being removed, and the soiled sofa with a sticky mass has to be covered with a veil.

Familiar? It turns out that it is absolutely not necessary to take such drastic measures; there are more loyal and cheaper ways to help you cope with this problem. But how to remove the chewing gum from the hair or clothing, if it is firmly eaten and is not going to give in at all?

Remove chewing gum from clothes

Unfortunately, getting somewhere in the gum, soiled jeans, pants, skirt or blouse, it is a habit, but to deal with it is not so easy. Success in this difficult task, first of all, will depend on the composition of the material, its quality and color.

Things can be saved

For example, synthetic things that are highly susceptible to molting cannot be rubbed with acetone or gasoline, just like rinsing in boiling water, despite the fact that these methods are applicable to other fabrics. There are many ways to fight; if one of them does not help, boldly go on to the next, and so on, until the hated chewing gum retreats.

Of course, the best way is not to throw the gum anywhere, then they won't be caught in the most inappropriate moments. But, of course, if such a thing has already happened, you will have to find a way to save your favorite thing. So let's get started.


It is believed that the most proven and effective way among popular remedies is a method with low temperatures. If the thing is not too large, then try putting it in the freezer for about 60 minutes, pre-packing it in a plastic bag.

Under the influence of low temperatures, the gum should freeze and fall off on its own, you may have to scratch it a little. If the thing is too large and it is not possible to shove it in the freezing section, you can use ordinary ice cubes.

We put them to a dirty place, wait until the gum is completely solidified, and then we try to remove it with a brush with a stiff bristle.

This method is perfect for outerwear, for example, jackets, coats, for fur coats and carpeting, tracks, sofas.

High temperatures

The easiest way among these is to iron the thing with an iron.To begin with, you need to try to remove the maximum amount of gum with your hands, because the less it stays, the easier it will be to get rid of it. Further we lay out clothes on an ironing board, on top on a problem place we put a gauze or a paper napkin.

You can stroke

Next, with a hot iron, iron the place with the chewing gum, it should stick to the napkin and easily separate from the clothes. The only drawback of this method is a small speck that is most likely to remain on the clothing after the chewing gum. But do not get upset, it is easily removed with the help of special stain removers or when washing at high temperatures.

Another option is to use boiling water. For him you will need an assistant: spoiled clothes are laid out in a basin, one person should gradually pour on it a steep boiling water, and the other is hard to clean the soiled area with an old toothbrush.

For the best effect - put the clothes in boiling water, wait until the cud is slightly acidified, and then poke it with a knife. After that, wipe the cloth, allow it to dry and, if necessary, repeat the procedure.

How to get rid of gum in your hair?

Do not have to cut

Children are especially susceptible to such a problem, being carried away by the process of playing and having fun, they can easily leave the gum somewhere, and then lie down in it. After such an incident, it is not necessary to cut a tuft of hair into your beloved daughter or, even worse, cut it “under the boy”. It turns out that there are ways to help you cope with the problem much easier.

  • If the chewing gum is stuck near the roots of the hair, then it is necessary to place the problematic curl under a stream of cold water. After waiting for the gum to harden, it is necessary to try to break it into several parts: just a few fractures will allow you to begin the process of removing it.
  • Another option: send a strand of hair under a stream of hot water, the temperature of the gum should limp and become more viscous, after which it should be kneaded with your fingers, turning into a flat cake. The larger the area of ​​the stuck lump, the easier it will be to remove.
  • If the gum is very close to the roots of the hair, then you can try to smear it with peanut butter, the fatter it is, the better. Then use a toothbrush for combing, in order to make the process softer, you can still add a little vegetable oil. The bottom line is this: chewing gum must be dissolved in peanut butter.When this happens, it remains to thoroughly wash the hair.
  • For the hair, you can also use pieces of ice, attaching it to the necessary place for 15 minutes, and then carefully remove the pieces of gum, comb out the curls with a scallop, and rinse your head thoroughly with shampoo.
  • You can try means for removing glue, which have a medical purpose. The product is rubbed with your fingers, and then the gum is removed using a paper towel. By the way, this method is very well suited for clothing, as well as other fabric surfaces.
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