How to remove heartburn at home

Most often, heartburn occurs immediately after a meal, or before bedtime. It is necessary to lower the head on a pillow, as the gastric juice instantly rolls up to the throat. When running cases, burning pain can lift in the middle of the night. Bile, which causes inflammation in the esophagus, can provoke a narrowing of the digestive tract (pharynx) or a cancer.

The main factors affecting the occurrence of bile:

  • Malfunctions of the esophagus due to the use of antispasmodic tablets;
  • Increased acidity provoke diseases such as gastritis, ulcers;
  • Excessive consumption of fatty, smoked, spicy, salty foods violates the intestinal microflora;
  • Muscle walls of the stomach are not sufficiently reduced;
  • Heartburn in pregnant women occurs due to the strong pressure of the fetus on the digestive system;
  • Hernia. In the displaced diaphragm, a hole appears through which bile escapes;
  • Increased acidity can signal cardiac ischemia.

Heartburn, pain immediately after a meal - often the consequences of malnutrition. Not surprising, because the products on the shelves of the store are of low quality and often do not meet generally accepted standards. If your throat burns every day, you should visit a gastroenterologist and pass the necessary tests. It is important to understand the principle of the gastric juice: it helps the products to break up into particles, and speeds up the process of digestion. In case of malfunctions, hydrochloric acid becomes elevated and burns the esophagus.

Folk remedies for heartburn

If the remedies Reni, Gaviscon, Gastal or Maalox do not help or have a short-term effect, you can preparepotato juice. It is so effective that it is prescribed for the prevention of gastritis and is recommended for pregnant women. How to treat heartburn with potato juice? The main rule is to use it immediately after preparation. Take three fresh potato tubers, wash, peel and grate on a fine grater. Put the potato pulp in a napkin or handkerchief, squeeze the juice. To starch lay on the bottom, wait a couple of minutes, but not more.Juice can be drunk, diluting with other juices, only be careful - apple juice can further increase the concentration of acidity. Drink 1 cup in the morning on an empty stomach for ten days, then take a breather for 10 days, and repeat the procedure. Important! Choose only ripe and healthy potatoes, without signs of greenery (education on the tuber of corned beef). Not recommended for diabetics.

Soda solution. In a glass of warm water, stir 0.2 tsp. baking soda, have a drink. Relief comes after 10-15 minutes, but you should not make soda solution too often: the use of soda in ulcers can lead to perforation. Abuse of soda can also provoke the opposite effect, and heartburn will only become more frequent. That is why soda powder is recommended to be replaced by special chewable tablets or syrups, which are sold in pharmacies.

Black activated carboneffective and safe means. Dissolving in water and falling into the stomach, the tablet draws in excess hydrochloric acid. Gel 16 g of activated carbon, mix it with 8 g of ground fresh ginger and 8 g of basil.Having calculated the norm on body weight, drink 1 teaspoon of the prepared mixture three times a day with liquid. Be careful - too frequent use can cause intestinal dysbiosis.

Cabbage juice.Crush three cabbage leaves, wrap in cheesecloth, squeeze the juice into a glass. Drink 2 tbsp. Leaves can be simply chewed. Vitamin U is found not only in cabbage, but also in celery root.

Heat a slice of foodchalkon a griddle, then crumble. Eat ½ tsp. powder three times a day with water. Chalk can just bite off the bar. Do not eat colored crayons. Heartburn, pregnancy is a natural phenomenon, because it is for the period of gestation that the woman's taste preferences change dramatically, and the dreams of food chalk are not in vain, because it contains a lot of calcium carbonate. Chalk can be replacedeggshell- remove the shells from the boiled eggs and put them into the flour. A small pinch of shabby shell is washed down with water. Contraindications: inflammation of the stomach, urolithiasis.

Mineral water. Pour a glass of water, and let the liquid stand for 1.5 -2 hours, so that all the gases come out. Then the mineral water should be heated to a warm state and drink beforemeals two or three times a day. Purchase the product exclusively in glass containers.

Few stemsaloeclean for a day in the freezer. Then, having received 0.5 cups of aloe juice, mix it with 100 g of cranberry juice. Before you start a meal, take one tablespoon of syrup for 20 days. Due to the cranberry there is a slight laxative effect.

Milk, warmed to a warm state, will also help get rid of heartburn. Minus - at the time of pregnancy, short-term effect.

How to remove heartburn at home withdaisies. Take 3 tbsp. dry chamomile leaves, pour a glass of boiling water. Chamomile broth need to brew for 15-20 minutes, then strain the broth and drink during the day.

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