How to repair the bumper yourself

You will need
  • special hair dryer, paint, varnish, polishing wheel
Repairing a bumper, in fact, is not as difficult as repairing the same door or fender, as the bumper is made of special plastic that is very easily deformed at high temperatures. When a crack appears, you first need to prepare the surface of the bumper for further processing; to do this, wash it thoroughly so that there is no dirt left. This is very important, because particles of earth or sand can later cause a new crack on the bumper, after it is covered with paint and varnish.
After you have fully prepared the surface, you can begin the next step. You need to heat the bumper with a special car hairdryer until it can be glued together. After that, you need to carefully connect the broken part of the bumper, while it is important to make sure that the parts are well connected to each other.
Bonding bumper
The final step is the final surface treatment, its grinding, after which you can apply layers of paint. When the paint is completely dry, apply several layers of varnish. When the varnish dries, you can begin to polish. To do this, take a polishing wheel, wet it and start the polishing process. You need to continue it until you get a perfectly flat surface.
Surface painting
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It is important to wait the required amount of time until the layers of paint and varnish dry up, because otherwise you can ruin the paintwork and have to redo everything anew.
Helpful advice
We must not forget that there is always dust in the air, which, when it hits the painted surface, then leaves visible traces on it, therefore there must always be cleanliness and order in the room.

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