How to run in windowed mode?

Milana Kostenko
Milana Kostenko
January 16, 2013
How to run in windowed mode?

Many people use a computer to relax, plunging into the exciting virtual world of games. Here you can become a warrior and fight in the name of the king and the crown, grow trees with magic and dance at night with elves ... The possibilities are unlimited. However, many users during the game like to correspond in Skype, for example. Therefore, you just need to know how to run your favorite program in window mode and stay connected at the same time.

In order to run the game in windowed mode, you do not need to have any specific knowledge. In this article we will look at several ways how to start the game in windowed mode.

  1. The easiest way - built. In the settings of many games, an item is provided, giving the opportunity to start the game in windowed mode. You just need to find and activate it.
  2. If we didn’t find such a function in the game’s settings, we proceed to the second method. The ALT key combination with the ENTER key literally forces the system to start the game in windowed mode.
  3. A more complicated way is to rename the shortcut that calls the game. How to start the game in window mode, simply changing the name? Simply click on the shortcut with the right mouse button and call the "Properties" menu. In the line where the address is listed, leading to the game folder, you need to add the key “-w”, or “-window”, or "-windowed". One of them will definitely work. When it becomes necessary to start the game again in full screen mode, simply replace this key with “-full screen”. Click the "Apply" button and exit the "Properties" menu. You can run the application.

Sometimes it happens that after starting in window mode the game starts to slow down. This suggests that you need to return to full screen mode. Perhaps your computer does not have enough resources to complete the work of the application, or the developers have not tested the game to work in windowed mode. If none of the methods helped, try writing to the support team.

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