How to save a document to PDF?

Olga Bespalova
Olga Bespalova
November 17, 2014
How to save a document to PDF?

PDF is a format that guarantees preservation of the original formatting of a file when printing and viewing on devices with different operating systems. It is well suited for industrial printing, supported by many devices. How to create a document of this format can be found in the article How to create a PDF document.

Microsoft Office 2007 allows you to save any document in PDF format. You can do this by following very simple instructions.

To save a Word, Access, Excel or PowerPoint file to PDF, do the following:

  1. click on the Microsoft Office symbol, then click on the arrow next to “Save As” and select the “PDF or XPS” option;
  2. the "File name" field will open, where you will need to select the document name or enter it;
  3. select the option “PDF” in the “File Type” list;
  4. in case you need to open the file immediately after saving it, check the box next to the option “Open file after publishing”;
  5. pay attention to the “Optimize” option and select either print quality or file size (if it’s important to have high print quality,the switch must be set to the standard position if it does not matter and the file size is prioritized - to the minimum size);
  6. if necessary, click on the “Parameters” button and set additional options, then click “OK”;
  7. then click on the “Publish” button.

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