How to spend an interesting corporate at work?

Even in the smallest organizations, where the number of employees does not exceed 7-10 people, they try to carry out corporate events or team building, because this is an excellent chance to socialize in an informal setting, get to know each other better and, importantly, rally the team, make friends and have a good time.

Good and positive emotions from such parties remain in the memory for a long time, and the rumor about odd and ridiculous incidents that can easily happen at such events for many years are transmitted from the "guard" to the young employees.

The opportunity to express themselves

But, to be sure, to organize an interesting and really good corporate event is not at all easy, because there will surely be those who can handle alcohol, and uninteresting contests or inappropriate pauses will surely spoil the overall impression of the holiday.

It is especially difficult to spend such evenings in large companies, where the number of employees amounts to dozens,usually in such cases they use the help of professional leaders who will prompt pleasant toasts at the right time, and interesting competitions will be offered, and on time they will lift everyone to dance, and in general they will be able to provide an entertainment program.

The script for each new corporate must necessarily come up with a new one, especially if it is held on a holiday, because listening to the same speeches and trying to entertain under the same competitions is somehow sad.

If you volunteered to be the organizer of the upcoming event, you should understand that this is a laborious and responsible work that usually never pays extra, and you will never be able to please everyone, so you need to be prepared for ambiguous reviews about the work done.

If you have never done anything like this and the obligation of the organizer is completely new for you, then you will probably have a question about how to conduct corporate at work in such a way that the holiday will be as fun, interesting and, naturally, with minimal problems.

Organizational issues

In order for your holiday to be attended by the maximum number of employees, then the correct one will beto look in advance to the director and politely check with him when he can take the time to conduct a corporate party, because without the authorities such events are worthless.

If all employees work according to the same schedule, then you shouldn’t have any questions about the time, but if you have a shift system at your company, then perhaps you should check with the administration about the most convenient time. It is possible that some day they will shorten the working day or for one of the shifts they will take a day off so that everyone can attend the event.

Have fun

Of course, the main responsibilities of the organizer include collecting money, ordering a menu and, of course, choosing a venue for a banquet. This will, first of all, depend on the season, as well as on the theme of the celebration, for example, a New Year or any winter corporate party, most often, they spend in a cafe or on any other indoor venues, for example, in a bowling alley or on a skating rink.

But summer and autumn holidays can be spent in nature or at a recreation center outside the city, where you can make a fire, fry and even sing songs with a guitar, well, here it is at will and, depending on the team itself.

All corporate events related to such holidays as New Year, March 8, or, for example, February 23, are usually held on the eve or after the holidays themselves, sometimes even after a few days. Be sure to think over the invitations, they should reflect the nature of the holiday, perhaps describe the subject and, of course, contain the date and venue.

As we have already said, if a large number of employees work in your company, then on a holiday, be sure to invite a professional presenter who will help you think out the entertainment and spend the evening really fun. Of course, you should also think about guest musicians, perhaps live music or dance groups.

Corporate program

That your corporate party does not turn into a banal drinking with an abundance of alcohol, snacks and banal competitions, the program of the holiday should be thought out in advance, because there are a lot of interesting and unusual ideas. Let's try to make a small overview of possible options.

Board games

Recently, this area is actively developing and is gaining rapid momentum, and, as practice shows, successfully take root in a wide variety of teams.

You will learn many new things.

There are simple games in which you just need to be active, for example, “Uno” or “Jenga”, and there are options with more complicated and complicated rules, which, nevertheless, are quickly mastered in practice and are heavily involved in the gameplay.

These games include, especially popular in recent years, "Mafia" and "Imaginarium". The rules of any of the games can be found on the Internet, and an additional arsenal can be purchased in specialized stores.


In order to make your corporate event unforgettable and colleagues were able to carry home the memory of this evening, we offer a new format of corporate events - the art party Painty. Where in a bright creative environment, participants will be able to write a picture, have fun, socialize, and recharge with positive. And you can not draw at the same time.

Painty parties are more than just sitting at a bar, a buffet in the office, or a drawing lesson. This is a great opportunity to splash out your emotions with the help of bright colors to good music in restaurants of the city with your favorite drinks and snacks among friends.

At the party do not need talents and even drawing skills.The two-hour art party leads the artist-presenter, who not only shows how to draw a picture, but also helps participants relax and have fun. The organizers provide everything for the party: canvases, brushes, paints, bright aprons. Each participant takes his picture home.

The main difference between such art-parties from art master-classes is a relaxed atmosphere and the main goal. Painty lovers want to relax and paint a picture, and not learn how to paint a landscape or a still-life.

Master Classes

Non-standard solution, but, nevertheless, performs well the basic function of corporate parties, namely, team building, this is a joint visit to master classes.

Master class for men

There are many places for holding such events: for example, you can go to master classes for tea ceremonies, or you can learn how to make handmade soap, learn pottery, or go to a wine tasting.

In any case, at similar events, you will learn a lot of new things, communicate in an informal atmosphere and, possibly, open yourself and colleagues from the new side.

Team building in nature

A great way to improve communication skills and develop friendly relations in a disjointed team is to go to nature, where unusual trainings will be conducted, adjusted, depending on the company's activities.

Could be so

These can be real-time quests, quad biking, visiting laser tags or playing paintball, tug-of-war or an unusual brainstorming session.

Cafe party

If you still conduct a classic corporate party in a cafe with a traditional menu and drinks, then be sure to take care of the competitions and the general program, because no one should be bored. Contests must be diverse: dance should be replaced by intellectual, people should be able to open up from different sides: show their agility and activity, intelligence and intelligence.

Be sure to take care of small gifts and surprises for the most active, and also give an opportunity to everyone to express their wishes and congratulations if the corporate event is timed to the holiday.

Take care of good music, it is desirable that a photographer be invited who can capture the most interesting and bright moments of your holiday.

Mandatory for New Year

Make sure that the entertainment program is bright and rich, it should not have awkward pauses, and it is better to select contests so that in the morning you are not ashamed to look at Katenka’s secretary.

For the New Year's corporate party, be sure to invite artists for the role of the Snow Maiden and Father Frost, be sure to take care of the thematic decoration of the hall, as well as the pleasant presentations that will remain in memory of a good event.

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