How to survive without problems?

We will not argue that it's easy. We will not prove that dismissal from work is mere trifles, which can be experienced absolutely painlessly. Such an event really knocks out the usual rut, dozens of questions flash instantly in my head: “Why me?”, “What did I do wrong?”.

Self-esteem falls, the mood at zero and faith in a bright future for some reason instantly evaporates and turns into unrealistic hopes. Psychologists say that the dismissal from work is really a lot of stress that needs to be experienced correctly in order to avoid unpleasant and sometimes dangerous consequences.

5 important steps

How to survive the dismissal? This question is gnawing at everyone who has got into such a situation, and it doesn't matter at all whether you knew about it in advance or the news hit you like a snow on your head. To come to a successful final, a person has to go through 5 stages, each of which, in its own way, is important and necessary.

Frequent occurrence

At the first stage, a person only partially realizes the seriousness of the situation,being in a state of shock, awareness comes only at the second stage. Here they catch up with anger, resentment and misunderstanding. At the head of a thousand questions, self-esteem slowly but surely tends to zero, and, as a result, a natural feeling of aggression and anger towards the former bosses may arise.

At the second stage, there may be a burning desire to “recoup finally”: to express to the authorities everything you think about him, annoy the companies, for example, hide any necessary data or delete customer numbers. Naturally, with time everything will be restored, but an extremely negative opinion will be formed about you.

Do not do anything like that! Gather a will into a fist and remember that the professional circle in one city is always rather narrow, which means that all your “achievements” can be recognized by your future superiors, which may affect your future career growth.

Do you need it? If you leave, with your head held high, with best wishes and a friendly smile, who knows, sometimes the authorities have a habit of changing their decisions, or, at least, you can get a good recommendation.

Do not despair

The next stage is bidding.Here there are similar thoughts: “If I had just finished the annual report ...”, “If I were friendlier with the team ...” and so on. "If, yes, but ..." does not make much sense anymore, step over this stage, leave everything in the past, but take with you the conclusions concerning your professional activity, perhaps in a new workplace they will be useful to you.

The fourth stage is depression. There is no sense in explaining and describing it, almost every one of us fell into a similar state. The last number is acceptance. Finally, having realized and experienced all the sorrows, you are ready to move on, at this stage, a person can even see a certain logic in his dismissal and sees the advantages of what happened.

Pull yourself together

In words, everything seems to be simple, but how to experience it in reality? To begin with: give yourself the full right to experience all these five stages, it is better to go through them right away than to get lost in your own negative emotions and push the problem away, leaving it without solution. Unfortunately, there are quite a few cases when, after being dismissed, a person is completely lost and does not find the strength for new accomplishments.

Most often, people who are at critical stages of life fall into this risk group, usually the age of 34-36 years, and then 49-52, 55-57 years.Sooner or later, you will come to the stage of adoption, however, it is important to try to cut the entire path to it: for this, give yourself an installation about the end of each stage. For example, for three days for each state: maybe at first it will seem strange to you, but as a result, logic will prevail over feelings.

What you need to know?

So, it happened. First you need to deal with the important points of registration, which can play for or against you in the future.

  • Dismissal at own will. Most often, this is the way it is formed, even if this desire was not entirely personal. If, for example, a person is fired for not doing his own work and the employer can prove it, then this option would be the best solution. But if a person is dismissed simply to reduce staff, then in this situation you can not wait for the compensation. A resignation must be warned in advance, deadlines are specified, and the warning is attached in writing. But an employee who is forced to sign backdated documents is better to consult with lawyers and sign anything in advance.
  • By agreement of the parties. The most profitable option for the employee: it clearly states the date of dismissal, while making all the necessary payments (full payment, compensation for leave that was not used, the remaining salary). The registration at the labor exchange is simpler, and the benefit is calculated as soon as possible.

What to do next?

After picking up the written recommendations and, preferably, a positive recommendation from the former place of work, you must go to the labor office, where you will be registered, who knows, you may immediately be offered a new vacancy.

Perhaps, there at the exchange, it will be possible to take courses in professional development, which will increase your chances of finding a new job. It is not superfluous to make a qualitative summary, send it to job sites, and also to pass interviews in a couple of cadastral devices.

In terms of psychology

Often, after a heavy dismissal, a person wants to relax: lie down on the couch, eat plenty of sweets and delicacies, sleep until dinner, and so on. Of course, it is possible to allow such a rest, but, most importantly, that it does not stretch to infinity.

Do not forget that the resulting calculation will end soon, but you will not receive a new salary, and how can you hang on the neck of your own family? In particular, this applies to men.

In order to completely "not get unstuck", be sure to observe the daily routine: get up at the proper time, have breakfast and put yourself in order, actively look for work and, since there is free time, do what you always missed.

New doors open before you

For example, learn something new, tidy up in the garage, tidy up household chores that have never been reached before. Use your free time to tidy up your health: observe the regime, do not watch the TV late at night, go outside every day and, if possible, do jogging.

Do not forget that the weekend, as before, is Saturday and Sunday, the rest of the time you should be busy, as it was before when you were working. Daily look at job sites, send out as many CVs as possible, go to interviews and remember that the more companies you call today, the more answers you will receive tomorrow.

And one more thing: learn to perceive dismissal not as a cruel joke of fate, but as a sign that it’s time for you to move on, who knows, perhaps this is a kind of sign, a chance to find a place with better earnings or a team.

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