How to transplant an orchid at home

How to transplant an orchid at homeSurely not everyone knows how to transplant an orchid. After all, you can do this, knowing some of the features of this flower. But since the pot will have to be changed sooner or later, let's find out how to transplant an orchid at home.

Orchid transplant at home: choosing the right time

Keep in mind that this can be done no more than once every two or three years, so as not to injure the delicate flower.

This procedure can only be done before the period of root growth begins. This occurs in early summer or late spring. If you decide to do it at another time, make sure that the plant does not bloom, and the roots did not grow at that time, that is, they were gray or dark green. In general, their root system is very unusual.

To determine whether it is necessary to transplant an orchid now, look to see if the size of the pot for it has become small. It is also important to do this if the roots begin to rot.

For the process you will need:

  • gardening scissors;
  • substrate for this plant;
  • charcoal;
  • transparent pot.

Orchid transplantation at home: choose a potHow to transplant an orchid at home

In shops special pots with slots for these colors are sold. Choose a ceramic material better because it is more resistant than others. Also do not forget that its diameter should be a couple of centimeters larger than the previous one. Take the land special for phalaenopsis, it is sold in stores.

How to transplant an orchid: let's go directly to the process

These flowers can not just get out of the ground with the tank and put in another. Here, on the contrary, the roots need to be watered with water, well cleaned of the soil and carefully taken out so as not to disturb their structure, otherwise the flower will not survive. Next, cut all the roots, except green or gray, and wait until they dry. If you see any insects, leave the plant in the water. For disinfection, wipe the roots with charcoal.How to transplant an orchid at home

Since you need to replant the orchid on the drainage, put it on a third of the pot, and pour the ground on top. Place the flower inside so that it is peeking out of the pot a little. Then fill the pot with earth, just do not press it hard. Some roots should stay on top.After you finish replanting orchids, they can not be watered. Leave it in the shade for a couple of weeks, while sometimes spraying.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to transplant orchids at home, the main thing is to know some rules.

How to transplant orchid after flowering

Probably, this flower is popular just because of its long period of flowering. Its duration sometimes reaches six months. Just do not cut the flowers immediately after they bloom, because there are useful substances in the plant. Cut it when it is completely dry.How to transplant an orchid at home

Separately tell how to transplant an orchid after it has blossomed, it is not necessary, because it is done in the same way as described above. If you do it right, the new beautiful buds will delight you again in a few months.

Now you know what kind of flower is an orchid and how to transplant this plant. Undoubtedly, he will thank you for taking care of their beauty for a long time.

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