How to treat sinusitis by folk methods

You will need
  • - horseradish root;
  • - lemons;
  • - dry menthol;
  • - alcohol tincture of propolis.
Back in the old days, our ancestors for treatmentsinusitisand used horseradish. For the treatment process itself, the horseradish root was used, which was thoroughly washed, the upper layer was removed, and then it was rubbed on a fine grater. The resulting mass was divided into three parts, one of which was mixed with the juice of 2-3 lemons. The result was a mush that has a rather thick texture. Every day it was necessary to take half a teaspoon of gruel after a meal, in 20-25 minutes. At the same time, the method of treatment required a rather long course, lasting 3-4 months. After the expiration of this period, a two-week break was made and the course was conducted again. It should be noted that 2 times a year - in the fall and in the spring, the treatment had to be repeated. As a result, after 2 years of attacks passed.
Dry menthol is also often used today. There is menthol, which is sold in grains. It must be dissolved in a saucepan with boiling water. Covering your head with a towel, you need to inhale the steam from the pan until the evaporation process takes place.
You can also use alcoholic propolis tincture. To do this, boil water in a saucepan and pour half a teaspoon of propolis tincture into it. After this broth also must be inhaled.
You can breathe and potato steam. To do this, boil potatoes in their uniforms, drain and breathe the water, wrapping your head.
Among the folk remedies also used ebonite disc, which has a thickness of 10 mm and a diameter of 110 mm.

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