How to treat sore eyes

You will need
  • - cold and warm compresses;
  • - antihistamines;
  • - decongestants;
  • - antibiotics;
  • - eye drops;
  • - artificial substitutes for tears.
If you are allergic to certain irritants, it can manifest itself in the form of eye inflammation. Exposure, for example, animal hair, pollen and dust can trigger the activation of the immune system, the body will try to fight irritants. As a result, you will experience itching and discomfort in the eye area. To cope with the inflammation in this case will help any cold compress. It can be a cold towel or a bag of ice. You can also use an aloe vera gel or make a mask of chilled cucumber slices. All these tools help to cope with itching caused by allergies. Antihistamines and decongestants will also help reduce inflammation in case of allergies.
The cause of your illness can be inflammation of the eyelids and the mucous membrane of the eyeball, so conjunctivitis manifests itself. This disease is caused by exposure to various stimuli, such as chemicals or viruses. Consult with your doctor, he will determine the exact causes of the disease and prescribe you the appropriate course of treatment. Most often, it is assigned to receive various antibiotics and the use of warm compresses.
Eye inflammation is not always the result of a disease. Quite often, overvoltage and excessive concentration of vision lead to them. For example, prolonged reading, watching TV, or working at a computer can cause strain on the eye muscles, which ends with inflammation. If your actions lead to similar consequences, try to distract from your work for a while and rest for a while. Do not try to soothe the itching by rubbing your eyes, as you will only cause irritation to the work of the muscles, and the inflammation will increase. Try to increase your intake of vitamin OMEGA 3, drink carrot juice, take vitamin A. All this will help improve the condition of your eyes.
Another cause of eye inflammation is the poor performance of the tear glands, which are responsible for moisturizing the eyes. The lack of liquid produced by them leads to dryness and eye irritation. The lack of a sufficient amount of moisture leads to the fact that the eyes are not cleared of external irritants, such as dust, which also leads to inflammation. The solution to the problem in this case should be comprehensive. Try to avoid staying in places with high dry air, do not use air conditioners, try to humidify the air by various means. You can fill the lack of moisture in your eyes with special drops and preparations of artificial tears (“Ofgel”, “Lacrisifin”, “Hemodez”, etc.).

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