How to turn off the sound of the application

You will need
  • - mobile device;
  • - applications that support sound management.
In order to turn off the sound of applications downloaded from various Internet resources, make the appropriate setting in its menu. Please note that in these cases completely different buttons are responsible for turning off the music and turning off the sounds. Look for the icon with the image of the corresponding settings and simply click on it once with the left mouse button.
If you are unable to turn off the sound of the flash application, in the usual way through the program menu, use the disabling of this function in the browser. Best of all, of course, avoid this, because in this case, to play audio or video files, you will need to go into the settings again and turn it on. While in Internet Explorer, click on the "Internet Options" menu item. In the window that appears, uncheck the box from the “Play sound on web pages” box.Apply and save changes.
If you want to turn off the sound in all mobile applications, open the sound settings option in the phone menu. Go to the application sounds menu, turn it off. In some models, the application sounds are muted in the same menu from which they are launched - it all depends on the software of your mobile device. Also, for almost every mobile application there is a function of individual volume adjustment, which is called from its menu. Most often, this setting is hidden in the game options. Also try turning off the sound by pressing the side button with the down arrow several times. You can also switch the phone to silent mode before launching the application.
Check whether your phone has an individual volume setting for each application from the menu of the phone itself. You can do this by reading the instructions for your phone, or by carefully reading its interface.

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