How to wear a fur coat and not look like an aunt?

Have we missed something or fur coats for the last couple of years, suddenly changed the status of a luxury item to something ordinary and ordinary? And if in the subway you can still meet ladies in mink and elegant clothes, then on the pages of Vogue and similar fur magazines are next to sneakers, “fan-made” T-shirts with logos and sports sweatshirts. Do fashion magazines really want to convince us that people with money have nothing to do with negligence?

We suspect that this tendency to “devalue” natural fur was started several years ago by none other than models: wearing expensive designer fur coats with “yard” clothing — with T-shirts and shirts, torn jeans and coarse ankle boots — and getting into this form in lenses of photographers after the show on any of the weeks of fashion. The next step to the furishing of the fur was the massive expansion of the sporting style: in sneakers with bombs, and then in leggings with sweatshirts, suddenly everything changed at once.The ideology of fashion without strict rules was reflected in the fur - we had “ugly fur coats”, or ugly fur, which, despite the high price and design origin, resembled redrawn plush toys. And then the classic fur coats in the street style section predictably appeared in the company of the same sportswear.

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