How to wear curlers

You will need
  • - mousse or styling spray;
  • - curlers of different sizes;
  • - hair spray;
  • - comb;
  • - hair dryer.
Decide what kind of hairstyle you are interested in. To give hair volume, take largecurlerson flypapers. To create waves you will needcurlersmedium size. Curls-spirals require small bobbins. And if you are interested in large curls, try a novelty - long and soft plasticcurlers.
Before winding upcurlerswash your hair - loose hair fix curl badly. Strands can be left slightly wet - blot them with a soft towel and smooth the comb with occasional teeth.
Separate a narrow strand, put on it a mousse for styling or fixing spray. Do not take too much money, otherwise the hair will stick together and become too heavy. Wind gentlycurlersfrom the end of the strand to the roots of the hair. Make sure that the curl lays down evenly, and the hair does not stretch too much. Bringing the curled curl to the roots of the hair, gently presscurlersso that the cover fixes the strand. Ensure that the structure is held firmly.
Long bobbins are used differently. To curl lay perfectly even, thin strand of hair, pre-treated with mousse, you need to lay, evenly wound in a spiral. When finished, carefully secure the structure with a rubber band. Make sure that she does not pinch the strand, otherwise on the dried hair an ugly hall is formed.
Putting all the strands, start drying. Ideal - drying hair at room temperature, without the participation of electrical appliances. However, this option is not available to everyone. For example, very long or thick hair may remain wet even a few hours after styling. Treat them with a hair dryer, and in the end be sure to fix the hair with a stream of cold air.
If you are sorry to spend time on drying and do not want to spoil your hair with a hot hair dryer, try a popular novelty -curlersin the form of long tubes of soft plastic. For the correct fixation of the hair, a needle is provided in the set, with the help of which the strand is passed through the tube and securely fixed. Suchcurlersyou can sleep without fear of breaking or losing them.In the morning, gently remove the tube from your hair and beat the curls with your fingers. Spray the locks of moderate fixation on the curls - and the romantic hairstyle is ready.

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