How to wear transparent things?

Transparent things are a trend of recent seasons. But not everyone can decide to put them on. If you, too, are afraid to look vulgar or ridiculous, then learn how to wear transparent clothes and look decent.

Who can afford transparent clothes?

First of all, it is necessary to find out whether transparent clothes suit you. She goes not to everyone, only young girls can afford such luxury, because mature ladies cannot boast of perfect skin, and she will shine through, so that all the flaws will become noticeable.

There are some limitations regarding the shape. If it is far from ideal, you should not expose it, because the transparent fabric will immediately flaunt all the folds, excessively voluminous areas and other shortcomings.

What to choose?

Fashionable stylists advise slightly to bare only the upper part. That is, if a bra can shine through the fabric, then panties or fishnet stockings - in any case, it will look extremely vulgar, and sometimes funny.And this means that it is best to choose transparent blouses, shirts and other similar items of clothing, as well as partially translucent dresses covering everything below the belt.

On sale there are skirts and trousers with transparent elements, and they too can be present in your wardrobe. But do not forget about the main rule: panties, tights and stockings should be hidden from prying eyes!

How to choose?

How to choose a transparent thing? Your appearance and image will depend on her choice, so take your purchase responsibly. Pay attention to the following important points:

  • Silhouette. It can be feminine and slim, but in no way should fashionable and stylish transparent clothing fit, it will create the effect of a naked body.
  • The cloth. It should be rather dense and not creased, since the folds of such a thing immediately become noticeable and make the image inaccurate. Also, pay attention to the quality of the material. It must pass air and evaporate moisture, otherwise with increased perspiration the clothes will adhere and flaunt all the flaws, as well as spoil the image.
  • Colour.It is better to give preference to dark and rich tones, firstly, they make the image more elegant and restrained (as far as possible), and secondly, visually reduce the volume of the body. From bright shades should be abandoned, they will attract the views even more. But the light is sometimes appropriate, and the most versatile are white and beige.

Socks rules

So, how and with what to wear transparent things? To look decent and attractive at the same time, follow these simple rules:

  1. Carefully approach the choice of underwear, because it will almost be in plain sight. First, immediately forget about the sets of flesh-colored, unless, of course, you want to look completely naked and direct men to not the most decent thoughts. Secondly, under the transparent thing wear a concise set without lace, bows and patterns. It should be simple, as closed as possible and preferably monophonic, otherwise you will flaunt your sexuality, and not at all in a favorable light. By the way, the bra can be abandoned, but only if all the most intimate places are covered with opaque parts of the thing, for example, thick embroidery, rhinestones, or inserts from another fabric.
  2. Try to make a multi-layer kit, combining several transparent things in one image. Then the effect of translucent persists, but it will be light, unobtrusive and barely noticeable, and you can hide the body as much as possible.
  3. Use this technique: put the transparent thing on another, but opaque. For example, a blouse or shirt can be worn over a laconic tee or tonal top. Transparent dress will be interesting to look at a short sundress. If you decide to buy a see-through skirt, you can wear shorts or leggings.
  4. You can do otherwise: put a thick thing on top of the transparent one. For example, a blouse will be perfectly complemented by a vest. And you will feel more comfortable.
  5. You should not expose most of the body completely, leave room for fantasy and close all the most intimate areas.

We select accessories

Stylists and designers strongly advise to add transparent things to accessories. It would seem that such clothing in itself attracts and is the accent of the image. But this is precisely what should be avoided, and bright details that will distract attention from body parts visible through translucent material will help.

For example, you can choose a large earrings or bracelet. But from the necklace and pendants it is desirable to give up, because, conversely, they will focus on the semi-naked part of the body.

Choose an interesting bag, for example, decorated with stones, rhinestones or clutch embroidery. But such an accessory should not be overly bright, catchy or large, keep the course for sophistication, elegance and femininity.

And finally, shoes. She should be extremely concise, but feminine and elegant. If you wear bright shoes, you risk overloading the image and making it colorful and ridiculous. And in order to profitably beat sexuality and make it not vulgar, but slightly erotic, choose shoes with heels.

Tip: you can add a transparent thing with some kind of transparent (at least partially) accessory. For example, it can be sandals (plastic or other flexible materials can be used to make them), a glass bracelet.

Choose the right thing, make a stylish set and look decent!

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