How to weave a hair pigtail

You will need
  • - your usual comb;
  • - comb with a thin, pointed handle to separate the strands;
  • - hairband;
  • - thin hair tie;
  • - any beautiful gum;
  • - chignon;
  • - flat barrette;
  • - a hairpin with rhinestones or pearls, flowers;
  • - studs.
Consider the option of weaving the ribbon into a braid. Combhair, tie the tail with a rubber band on the back of your head (or on the side), tie a ribbon over the elastic band so that its ends are the same length. The tape should be twice as long as your hair. Dividehairon three strands, take the ribbons together with the extreme strands and braid the usual braid. Tie the end of the tail with the remaining ribbon. Simple and original.
Fashionable and elegant look braid using chignon. Pick up invoiceshairto tone your hair. Using a hairbrush with a thin handle, make a part on the back of the head, visually dividing the head into two equal parts horizontally. Take a strand of hair from the back of the head and attach a chignon with a flat barrette.Lower overheadhair, before it separated by parting. Divide into three even strands and braid Frenchpigtail. Tie the tip with any beautiful rubber band. You can weave inpigtailhairmuch longer than the length of your hair or experiment with colored strands. You can decorate with hairpins with rhinestones, pearls or flowers and give a hairstyle elegance.
Unusually looks spit in the form of a hoop. And both on curly, and on equal hair. Make a horizontal parting from ear to ear. Collect allhairin front of the head, comb them and divide into three equal parts. Braid a French braid from ear to ear, the resthairdole in the form of an ordinary pigtail and tie a thin elastic band. Takepigtail, braided in the usual way, put it on top of the head and bend under the French braid, pin it with pins. Hairstyle ready.
Originally looks braid flagellum. Combhair, tie a tail, divide into two equal strands. Alternately, roll them to the right side, hold so that they do not unwind. Now connect these strands, scrolling one over the other to the left.You get a harness. Tie it with a beautiful rubber band.

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