How to whiten the skin in the armpits?

Self-care is sometimes a difficult process, requiring time, effort, and considerable financial outlay. But at all times, the girls tried to look attractive, because who, if not them, carry beauty to the masses, evoking admiration and eye-catching. Body care is just as important as the face. And today we will talk about the zone, which is actually hidden from the eyes of others, but also requiring attention - armpits.

Unaesthetic look

Going to the pool, sauna, and just exposing hands on warm summer days, we want to look perfect. But dark spots in the armpits can significantly spoil not only the mood, but also the appearance. First, let's look at the causes of this problem:

  1. Hormonal disbalance. The occurrence of pigmentation is not uncommon in the process of hormonal imbalance, and if it affects this area, first you should consult a doctor for treatment.
  2. Take some medication. For example, antibiotics or hormonal drugs.
  3. Unsuitable deodorant. Some fragrances that are part of deodorants can cause darkening of the skin. Therefore, it is better to give preference to eco-products.
  4. Shaving and hair removal. Even a substandard machine can cause darkening. And if this area is overly sensitive to epilation, then the appearance of the problem is not at all uncommon.
  5. Reaction to synthetics. If this is a feature of the organism, then there are two ways out: either switch to exclusively natural fabrics, or use one of the following methods.

Among other things, to provoke the appearance of spots can and improper care. How often do you scrabble on hand? But there are also dead cells need exfoliation, and their accumulation may well be the cause of unsightly stains.

If you want to simplify the process as much as possible, replace shaving with shugaring or wax depilation. They will not only remove unwanted vegetation, but also become an excellent exfoliant.

What will help to cope with darkening? The cosmetic industry offers a wide range of products for this. But we propose to use folk remedieswhich act no worse.

Lemon juice

The most simple and budgetary method, the effect of which will not keep you waiting. You can simply rub the armpits with a piece of citrus, leave for a few minutes and rinse with water.

But it is worth considering that the fruit has a drying property, so after using it is necessary to apply a nourishing cream, or add a little natural yogurt or honey to the lemon juice.


It does not irritate the surface of the dermis and can be applied daily. A slurry of grated raw vegetables is applied to problem areas for a few minutes and then washed off with warm water. You can also use freshly squeezed vegetable juice.


It will help not only eliminate darkening, but will perfectly cope with exfoliation and elimination of unpleasant odor. For 200 ml of water you will need 1 tbsp. soda The resulting solution wipe the armpits.

White clay

It is better to use paired with cucumber or parsley juice, and use at least 3 times a week. Kaolin is diluted with juice to a mushy state and distributed into problem areas. After drying, wash off.


If you remember, once this tool was in demand in lightening hair. It has the power to whiten the skin. Twice a week it is necessary to moisten cotton pads and put them on the hollows under the arms. Hold for about half an hour.

Acetylsalicylic acid

You'll need regular aspirin tablets. 1 PC. dilute in a glass of water and use this solution 2 times a day.


A simple procedure will give the result after 2-3 applications. The main condition is the absence of abrasive particles in the medium. 3-4 minutes rubbing, rinsing and mandatory application of nourishing cream.


It can be used for rubbing, and also add during bathing. Of course, you should not wait for a quick result, but if the problem is not too pronounced, it will be noticeable. In addition, milk will give the skin extra tenderness and eliminate irritation.

As for the professional procedures for lightening the armpits, cosmetologists may suggest chemical peels or dermabrasion.

Let our simple tips help you always look perfect and be confident in your attractiveness.

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