I have a boyfriend - Oleg 25.03. Born in 1992, I am Zoya 04.02. 1993, predict how our relationship will develop.

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Alina Loginova
Alina Loginova
Answered on December 2, 2014 19:15
I am well versed in the signs of the zodiac, so I will judge by them) He is Aries, you are Aquarius - one of the best combinations! He likes your goodwill, optimism, beauty, charm. You are certainly easy to communicate and at the same time love freedom, you will not impose yourself on a partner - this is what he values ​​in you, he will not be bored with you. You are interested in each other, for sure a lot of common interests. But you need to be careful, because the rams are big owners, they can be very jealous of their water carrier to her boyfriends-friends.

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