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Hello Olga! I really need your advice. Daughter-disabled childhood! According to the law of the Russian Federation, according to the list of severe forms of chronic diseases, housing is provided out of turn. But alas! In our region, the law of the Russian Federation added. that it is necessary to be not only sick, but also poor. Since her daughter has a pension of 11 thousand, she is considered to be not poor. She is 33 years old, you know, no friends and no friend and no one was there. My father died when my daughter, Ksenia Alexandrovna Melikhova, on February 24, 1984, was still a child. Instead of receiving housing out of turn, we were promised five years. and in the sixth year they were generally removed from the queue, for the reason the family is not poor. What kind of family? Housing should be allocated for one daughter. and daughter Xenia. And how can I buy a jelly retirement? Food treatment, not to mention paying for rented apartments (we don’t have our own housing) is overcoming something like. Advise how to be? !! Help !!!Appealed to all. The answer is one-pension should be 9 thousand. 400 rubles. Thank you in advance. If the consultation is paid, we will not be offended, just send the answer - that you don’t give free advice and that's all. Thank you!


The Federal Law of 24.11.1995 N 181-ФЗ (as amended on 01.06.2017) “On the Social Protection of Disabled Persons in the Russian Federation” states:

Disabled people and families with disabled children who need to improve their living conditions are registered and provided with accommodation in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation and the laws of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

The provision of housing for disabled people and families with disabled children who need to improve their housing conditions, registered before January 1, 2005, at the expense of the federal budget, is carried out in accordance with the provisions of article 28.2 of this Federal Law.

Disabled people and families with disabled children who need to improve their living conditions, who have been registered since January 1, 2005, are provided with accommodation in accordance with the housing legislation of the Russian Federation.

Determination of the procedure for the provision of residential premises (under a social rental contract or into ownership) to citizens in need of improved living conditions,registered before January 1, 2005, is established by the legislation of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Accommodation is provided to people with disabilities, families with children with disabilities, taking into account the state of health and other relevant circumstances.

Disabled persons may be provided with living quarters under a social rental agreement with a total area exceeding the standard per person (but not more than twice), provided that they suffer from severe forms of chronic diseases provided for by the list established by the federal government authorized by the Government of the Russian Federation authorities.

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