Ice Light

"Ice Lamp"can work for 12 hours at room temperature, which will create the right atmosphere, perfect for parties and holidays, and will certainly surprise your friends or visitors of the club (cafe).

Of course, this is a temporary fixture, but while it works, it looks amazing. It is very quick and easy to make and leave in the refrigerator or freezer until the planned event, it can be stored for several months.

When creating the Ice Lamp, you can freeze anything inside it, for example: flowers (it looks especially impressive), playing cards, wine glasses, etc. - This is one of the most original fixtures that you have ever seen.

Materials and tools:

  1. water;
  2. plastic containers to create the form;
  3. flower (or other items to freeze inside);
  4. waterproof flashlight (you can also use well-insulated LED backlighting in different colors);
  5. freezer (fridge);
  6. chisel for carving wood (to shape the lamp);
  7. tray for collecting melt water.

Step 1

Take a plastic container that will serve as a mold for pouring. Fill the mold half with water.

Step 2

Put in the form of a flower (or other object) and put in the freezer (fridge). We wait until the water freezes - it's about 12 hours.

Warning:you should fill the form in two stages, as the object, in this case the flower, will float on the surface. It is preferable to freeze at high temperatures (of course, below 0 ° C), the higher the temperature, the clearer and clearer the ice will be.

Step 3

The water is frozen - get out of the freezer. Fill with water to fill the form with water and close the flower and put the form back into the freezer.

Step 3

We will get our form with a frozen flower and leave it for a short time warm.

If it is necessary to make cracks in the "Ice Lamp"   for greater effectiveness in lighting, this is because each crack will reflect and refract light - it must be quickly poured hot water.

Now take the chisel and lightly process all sides of the lamp, removing the ice in thin layers, or give it the desired shape. It’s easy to work with a chisel on ice, even if you have no experience.

Let's measure the diameter of the length and the flashlight and cut out the cavity (hole) for it in the bottom of the "Ice Lamp".

Install the lamp in the cavity. "The ice lamp is ready."

Let's check how the illumination of the "Ice Lamp" works, now we remove the lamp into the freezer (refrigerator).

When the time has come (party, holiday, etc.), we get the "Ice Lamp", turn on the lighting and put it on the tray (where the water will drain). We enjoy, such a lamp will definitely not be ignored by your guests.

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