Ideal nanny - myth or reality?

I did not think about the nurse for the first six months: the child ate, slept, knew the world. I followed him almost the same: I contemplated nature in the parks, followed the route of the clouds, talked to the birds, and from the earth - tested take-away coffee wherever possible, taking pictures of particularly cute cups. In general, she enjoyed the euphoria of maternal hormones that hit her on the head. But soon I realized that I needed an assistant for a couple of times a week. From those very thoughts, a nightmare began: how to entrust a child to an unfamiliar person, how to properly interview pretenders, where to look for a catch.

The fact of my excessive attention to detail added horrific colors: I can always pick out from the crowd a nurse - a cold, unapproachable lady with a carriage and a telephone, an indispensable attribute of modern Mary Poppins. In general, it is sad to realize this fact, but I am a skeptic with regard to this profession. There are several reasons, and the first is the lack of confidence in the stereotype about the multifunctionality of nannies.Each of them likes to walk very much, which causes incredible emotions in mothers: “She is so lazy, goes out in any weather.” But if you think about it, then everything is logical: you roll the carriage, you call relatives - and three hours have passed. It takes much more perseverance, fantasy, ingenuity, and sometimes a minimum predisposition to work as an animator to take a child home. And what can give a kid a man from the street, who is embarrassed even to sit down on the floor?

Ideal nanny - myth or reality?

The latter is a really important criterion. Many children do not like it when adults communicate with them on a different level - high and inaccessible.

Starting an interview with one pretty woman, I realized in a minute that she would not keep my son company in researching and knowing the world around him. The woman sat on a chair, showed the baby the horns, brought to tears, and then was still surprised that the performance was not appreciated.

My requests are handled exclusively by babysitters - girls or boys who themselves needed a nanny not so long ago. I like pleasant fresh faces, sincere dialogues, ease of communication with the baby. None of them hesitate to flop on the carpet and start playing. And children from the year more and do not need.Of course, there are also disadvantages: angularity, sluggishness, peculiar to age, as well as lack of experience in domestic issues, but the above-mentioned advantages benefit.

Any nanny will do as she pleases. “The child sleeps with her during the day!” The familiar exclaims. No wonder: have you ever looked into the room where the process of laying is going on?

I once looked: the nanny was rocking a large eight-month-old child as if he were in a zone of turbulence. To my comment about the dangers and consequences of the outdated technique, the nanny gave up and continued to rejoice at her success, but the next day there was no need for it

“She adores our family,” the girlfriend said. Naturally: he lives nearby, the child is calm, you feed her and take her on vacation. Well, how is it without love? Caught on another branch of the subway, in a not-so-large apartment, in the conditions of close attention and iron nature of the mother, a wonderful woman will behave differently.

Ideal nanny - myth or reality?

Nanny cooks well - another fad, which many peck. I conduct an interview with another contender, telling about our diet. In response, I hear a caring grumble that there are few soups on the menu,and she is an expert on rich broths. It's one thing if the nanny is a cook or pediatrician. You can listen or trust the kitchen. In all other cases, the soup is not a criterion for admission to work. In addition, when do they manage to do this while in the apartment with a one-year-old man? In general, I will continue to “actively search”, but still with the hope that Mary Poppins exists in reality and gets to us.

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