Ideas for a beautiful photo shoot future mothers

The waiting period of a little miracle is perhaps one of the most exciting in life, both for the very future mother and for the whole family as a whole. In these 9 important months, much is changing - the appearance and internal state of a pregnant girl are in a special, unique point that you often want to remember for a lifetime.

One of the ways that will help you save your emotions, feelings, thoughts and, of course, the memories of a “special” period is a photo session of pregnancy.

Recently, an increasing number of pregnant girls agree to such a step - by throwing away possible prejudices, they carefully prepare, hire professional photographers, pick up clothes and images. Being engaged in the organization of such an event, I want to choose the most interesting and unusual idea for a photo shoot, because the position of a girl at this moment is not the most usual.

When love lives in the heart, and in the tummy every day a small life grows stronger,a woman reveals: there is much more femininity and beauty in her now than ever, and ideas come by themselves, it’s worth a little thinking and maybe inspired by existing works of photographers.

When is it better to plan a photoset?

This question is really relevant, because the period when the tummy is gaining its maximum speed of "photogenicity" is not so great. Many photographers are inclined to the period from 30 to 36 weeks, that is, approximately on the 8th month.

Of course, if you are gaining weight quite intensively, and your tummy is already more than noticeable, then you can hold a photo session earlier. In general, delaying and postponing for the most recent weeks is not worth it - usually in the last weeks and mommy feels quite hard, and you can just not have time (all of a sudden you will give birth a week earlier).

Where is it best to conduct?

In a studio

The most common version of all “pregnant” photo shoots is in the studio.

  • Firstly, there, shooting can take place under any weather conditions and at any time, there you can always set up good and proper lighting, which will present the heroine of the process in the best possible way.
  • Secondly, in the studio you can always change comfortably, change several images, feel free to shame your eyes and open up in front of the camera.
  • Thirdly, in the studios there is always the necessary inventory, and even some of the accessories that will help diversify the shooting.

At home

If you have a bright and spacious apartment, you can make a home photo session - such pictures are always the most comfortable, homely, sincere. Already prepared baby clothes such as a cot, small dresses or booties, toys and so on can get into the frame.

There is another idea - to show the awakening and the morning of a pregnant woman, how she meets the new day, stroking her tummy, preparing her husband for breakfast, how the couple eats, communicates and so on. Even in banal daily moments, you can find something touching and sweet that you want to keep for life.


And although shooting on the street is always a little harder than in the studio or at home, because the weather or passers-by can interfere with it, it’s in natural conditions that the pictures are most vivid, vivid and “real.

The most advantageous time for photo shoots is autumn or spring, when it is already warm or outdoors, nature is blossoming or, on the contrary, it is getting ready for sleep with a riot of colors.In such conditions, you can make saturated, "fresh" photos or, on the contrary, romantic and tender.

But other seasons can share their highlight - if you dress warmly in winter, take a thermos with hot tea, warm rugs, high chairs and cups, you can create a beautiful and unusual photo session against the background of snow and snow-covered trees.

In nature, in the summer - and everything is perfect, you can come up with a bright photo session in a maritime theme, photos against a blooming field or somewhere in the park look very profitable and bright. The main thing in the summer is not to forget about time - the best of all are photo shoots in the morning and in the late afternoon, when it’s not so hot and it’s much easier for the future mom to pose and move around to the shooting locations.

With or without husband?

This question worries many pregnant women - on the one hand with the husband, such pictures look as organic as possible, because only a couple in love waiting for a child can convey all that brightness of emotions and romance with which a wonderful period of pregnancy is filled.

It is easier to open up with my husband, to invent more ideas and successful postures for pictures, moreover, he will be a reliable support if a pregnant woman suddenly becomes ill, because anything can happen in such a situation.

But there is also the other side of the medal - not all men like to be photographed, therefore, they often refuse to take part in such events. If you still could not persuade him, it is better not to swear and not to argue, but you also do not need to deprive yourself of memorable pictures, because all attention, one way or another, belongs to your tummy.

How to choose clothes?

Attire, accessories, makeup and hair, in the first place, depend on what you want to see yourself in future shots. If romantic and tender, then choose outfits in light pastel colors, preferably with flowing light fabric. If you want to get a more vivid and catchy image, then you can choose tight evening dresses that most clearly emphasize your new curves, makeup should be appropriate.

Often, future mothers want to capture their tummy without clothes, for this you can choose beautiful lingerie, light robe or peignoir. As an option - to wrap yourself in pieces of silk fabrics, to emphasize the new forms, you can use ribbons or thin belts. Shoes should also be appropriate - comfortable and light, not constraining movements.

Take care of additional accessories that will help you to diversify the pictures - these can be soft toys, something from a child, for example, small things, cars or dolls, with the help of which you can emphasize the floor of the future baby.

Often, for a photo shoot, pregnant women use flowers, which is correct, because they give the photo brightness and at the same time complement the delicate image of the future mom.

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