If you are allergic to paint, how can you dye your hair

Unfortunately, natural colors will not be able to drastically change the color of your hair - they just give it a different shade. But such cosmetics are absolutely safe, therefore, using them, you can not worry about the fact that there will be an allergy.

Hair coloring broth onion peel

To prepare the hair dye, take 2-3 onions, remove the husks from them, pour in freshly boiled water and put the container with the mixture on a low fire for 18-23 minutes. After the broth insist 13-15 minutes, filter. With the help of a cotton swab, this dye is applied to the hair and left for 1-1.5 hours. This procedure is recommended to do daily. After 2-3 weeks the hair will get a bright golden hue.A decoction of the roots, leaves and stalks of rhubarb will give a beautiful ash tint to the hair.
To dye gray hair, it is recommended to take 25-30 g of onion peel, pour a glass of water and boil for 13-15 minutes. Then the broth is filtered, enriched with 10 g of glycerin and daily grease their hair.Keep this mask should be at least 2-2.5 hours.

Linden color for hair

The recipe for this paint is as follows: take 5 tbsp. Linden flowers (dry or fresh), poured 1.5 cups of water and put on a small fire. Cook the tool with the lid open, occasionally stirring the broth. When only 1 cup remains from the initial volume, the container is removed from the stove and the broth is filtered. The liquid is applied along the entire length of the strands and left for a couple of hours, then washed off with warm water using shampoo. Hair dye made using this recipe will give a beautiful brown tint to your hair.To get the color of "mahogany", in the brewed henna add a few spoons of cocoa powder.

How to give your hair burgundy color

You can get a beautiful burgundy color with the help of a cosmetic mixture consisting of beetroot juice, henna or basma, table vinegar and water. Take 2-3 beets, rubbed on a grater, then pour the beetroot mass with hot water (about 1 liter) and infuse for 17-20 minutes. Then add 1 tbsp to the mixture. table vinegar. Then the broth is filtered and heated to 90 ° C. Beetroot broth pour henna and thoroughly mix the tool.After that, they put on old clothes (it is almost impossible to wash off this paint) and apply a rich cream on the face and neck. The hair is covered with strands of hair along their entire length, and after 17-35 minutes they are washed off (blond hair dyes faster than dark). In addition, in the process of dyeing hair, you need to comply with security measures, for example, to prevent the ingress of paint into the eyes.

Red wine hair coloring

Naturally dark hair will acquire a luxurious chestnut shade and be filled with a healthy shine if dyed with a dye based on red wine. For this, take 2 tbsp. black tea, poured ½ l of wine and cooked over low heat for 13-15 minutes, then injected into the mixture 100 ml of onion peel broth and bring the product to a boil. Then the broth is filtered and warm applied to clean damp hair. Warm the head and leave the mask for 37-40 minutes, then rinse the hair with warm water.

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