In a fashion again, cowards that stick out from under the clothes?

We are sure that if the generation of today's 30-year-olds questioned about their worst nightmare regarding underwear, then the first option in the ranking would be thongs. You remember how all at once all the zafanitel from these underwear shorts who sold in sets in any large supermarket? With butterflies, with bows, the most caustic and terribly fashionable for those times neon colors. Such and only such panties, women's magazines were punished to wear under tight pants or dresses, and then suddenly someone would see an ugly line of your ordinary pants in the middle of the priests.

At that time, they didn’t even pay attention to the monstrous discomfort from wearing this treasure (after all, sandals made of patent leather and polyester dresses appeared at the same time - torture was even more sophisticated), and only a demonstration of such jeans panties was reproached. Older girls watched this, and then the teenagers thought that if Christina and Britney were like that, then we could.And the extremely low fit of jeans in practice only contributed to the fact that during any awkward movement the underpants, as they say, “came to the surface”.

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