In the morning or evening? When to have sex signs of the zodiac

Some men feel the greatest desire in the morning, others are covered with passion closer to midnight. Understand the horoscope will help.

It would seem that what can be rational criteria when it comes to passion? And yet, each of us in one way or another depends on our own horoscope, and the influence of the stars affects not only temperament, but also sexual preferences.

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In the evening and by candlelight: Libra, Fish, Capricorns

Each of these characters knows a lot about not only good sex, but also foreplay. They love to enjoy the romance to the fullest - flowers, sweets, compliments ... And now you're in bed. Sex will be filled with tenderness and sensuality, because they really want to give you incomparable pleasure. The ideal time is the evening when you know for sure that you belong to each other and you will not be distracted by telephone calls for work and other daily concerns.

At any time - the main desire: Aries, Taurus, Scorpio

The most passionate signs of the zodiac and ideal lovers! Powerful attracting power allows them to enjoy great popularity among women and break their hearts. Many of the representatives of these signs need frequent physical contacts, with a little nuance - there must be a spark and mutual agreement! The man, of course, a hunter, but he must understand your attitude and intention. The time of day or time of year for these partners does not really matter, they are ready to give you pleasure at any hour, the main thing is desire.

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In an extreme situation and not only: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo

If for some the car is a means of transportation, for others it is also a means for a new sexual experience. Lovers of new places and experiments will be exactly interested in representatives of these signs. They will be happy to climb onto the roof or do it on the plane. So having sex in broad daylight is fine for them. However, according to the situation. With a common desire and similar fantasies.

With his beloved and in a hut: Cancer, Virgo, Gemini

The most loyal and faithful lovers will be happy to do it anywhere, most importantly - with your loved one.Unlike experiment lovers, they are more likely to have more sensual sex, however, it all depends on fantasy. The most intellectual sign Gemini likes to talk not only about books, culture or sports, but also about sex. It is safe to discuss with him any questions and suggestions. Do not be surprised if your loved one tells you that he is most disposed to close communication in the morning. He just has so many different thoughts in his head that closer to the night it can be difficult to “emerge” and switch to a romantic wave. Cancers and Gemini have a strong emotional connection with a partner, so you will get an answer to the question “when and where?” Intuitively, without further ado.

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