In which city of Malaysia can you relax?

If you want to enjoy the culture and customs of this Asia, but at the same time, do not lose comfort and do not overpay impressive sums for the trip, then go to Malaysia!

This country is often compared to the pearl of the whole Southeast Asia, in fact, despite the fact that it is adjacent to such popular tourist destinations as Thailand and Indonesia, white tourists have not yet fully "adjusted" to this ancient, full of beautiful places and exotic, country.

Here harmoniously adjoin impressive skyscrapers, huge shopping centers with ancient historical buildings, noisy traditional markets, snow-white beaches and magnificent places for diving.

However, Malaysia is exactly the country for which it is worth preparing in advance to travel in order to be satisfied and avoid unpleasant disappointments. Many tourists who are just going on a trip to Malaysia are wondering where to really go, what to see and how to plan your own vacation, so as not to regret the time and effort spent.

At once, we say that this is not an ordinary country - the South China Sea is divided into two parts - the mainland and the island. Accordingly, the rest can be done differently: someone prefers a quiet beach relaxation and goes to the islands, and someone is not averse to go through the main city sights and also dive into the local culture, which makes mainland cities and towns of the country the main goal.

And you can combine all the best places together, then your trip will definitely turn out bright and unforgettable!

Climate of the country

Another advantage of Malaysia is its climate, because here is summer all year round! The coldest period is from November to January, when the air temperature drops to 26 °, while in summer the thermometer may rise to 35 °.

For many unaccustomed people, to transfer such heat, enhanced by a high enough humidity, can be quite difficult, so all travelers are recommended to travel to Malaysia in the winter months. Older people or small children may not feel comfortable there at all, so these age groups should take this fact into account when planning a trip.

Where to go?

As you already understood, Malaysia is a very diverse, rich and vibrant country, so every traveler must decide for himself what he most wants to see and try.

Perhaps you will be interested in tropical forests with exotic vegetation and animals, underwater sports, high-quality beach holidays or the color of large cities - it's up to you. We will offer options.

Kuala lumpur

It is the largest city of Malaysia and its capital, it’s worth a look here, at least for a few days, because it really does have something to look at. Perhaps the most famous and main attraction of the capital is the majestic towers of Petronas, which were built at the very end of the last century.

That they can be seen in the photo of almost every tourist, as well as on all tourist avenues of the country. Today they are called the tallest double building in the whole world, you can admire this enchanting picture for a long time, especially in the evening, when the twins are going through a magical transformation.

Here, in the capital, you can find a lot of religious buildings, starting with majestic mosques, ending with Chinese and Hindu temples.It is also mandatory to visit the unique and largest open bird park in the world, where its inhabitants simply walk along the paths and lead a completely familiar way of life for them.

In addition, in the capital you will find many cafes, restaurants, bars, shopping centers, various museums, as well as good hotels for quite reasonable money. By the way, if you treat lovers of night club life, then again to you in Kuala Lumpur, here it is best developed in the country.

Penang Island

This part is very different from the rest of Malaysia, various cultures and religions intertwined here and there, which makes the trip even more interesting. The most popular is the capital of the island - Georgetown, where it is interesting to just wander the streets, view ancient churches, frescoes and pagodas of various styles, as well as enjoy the best dishes in the whole country. No wonder Georgetown is the title of the gastronomic capital of the country.

Langkawi Island

A large and pleasant island, which is famous for its unusual beaches with black volcanic sand. Here you can see and visit the caves with whole colonies of bats, hot springs, as well as see the magnificent lakes and waterfalls. By the way, here is the famous Mausoleum of Princess Makhsuri.


You can go to the state of Sabah, in Borneo eastern part of the country. It is called the ideal place for diving with a mask or scuba, in addition, here you can go on an exciting safari, as well as look at the orangutans and crocodiles in local reserves.

Cameron Highlands

It is called one of the most beautiful places in the whole country, a mountain resort, which is located at an altitude of 1500 meters. Here, mainly, lovers of outdoor activities come, which are already pretty tired of the beaches and extreme heat, because here the air temperature fluctuates around 20 °.

What to bring from Malaysia?

Returning home from a trip, you always want to bring with you a piece of the country in which you visited, so that your memories would come alive not only from viewing photographs, but also at the sight of purchased souvenirs. So what is it really worth spending money on?

  • Carved and woven wood from the island of Borneo.
  • Malaysian technology is famous for its good quality, the main thing is not to confuse it with the Chinese, which is much more.
  • Silver, gold and tin products.
  • Products from the batik.
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