Intestinal atony: what is it?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
January 23, 2015
Intestinal atony: what is it?

Intestinal atony is a very common and potentially very dangerous disease associated with loss of intestinal muscle tone. In the absence of timely treatment, this disease can lead to the development of very serious diseases. This article will tell you what intestinal atony is, what are its symptoms, how to diagnose a disease and how to deal with it.


Constipation is the most common symptom of intestinal atony, however, as you understand, this symptom is a symptom of many other diseases. The clinical picture of atony is complemented by a tight stool, abdominal distention, general weakness and poor sleep, pale skin and anemia.


It is easy to diagnose atony, an experienced therapist, having studied the symptoms, will immediately diagnose. The main problem is that in the case of atony, it is not the disease itself that is to be treated, but its causes, which can be both unhealthy diets and banal stress.


First of all, a special diet is prescribed for the treatment of atony - a balanced diet, devoid of fatty, fried, smoked food and sweets. In addition, it is recommended not to do more than 3-4 hours between meals. Also assigned to motor activity, additional physical activity.

Of course, do not neglect and drug treatment. The therapist often prescribes Metoclopramide - to increase peristalsis, Regulax - a mild herbal laxative to remove accumulated feces, Pancreatin - an enzyme to improve digestion, Espumizan - to reduce swelling.

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