Irina Bezrukova is still experiencing a divorce from her husband

The actress for the first time spoke about the experiences after parting with Sergei Bezrukov.

The other day, Irina Bezrukova became the heroine of the program “Once Upon a Time” by Sergey Mayorov, in which for the first time in a long time she told about the novel and divorce with Sergey Bezrukov. First of all, the actress said that she had made a mistake by taking his name.

As you know, Irina became known to the viewer under the name of Livanov, which she inherited from her first husband, Igor Livanov, and, becoming Bezrukova, her career began to decline.

“The actress is primarily a woman. I understood that my man would be pleased that I would take his last name. And I took his last name. Now I understand that it is not necessary to change, - Irina told. - When I took the name for the second time, the person that the public knew disappeared. I had 25 roles, Oscar. I actually had to start from scratch, I confused everyone. ”

Photo: Lara Bardina

Also, the actress said that she still works in the same theater with Sergey Bezrukov, but they are extremely rare. And if they see each other, these meetings are not easy for her.

“I can’t say it's easy.For me at least. But I cope, “- said Irina.

At the same time, earlier Bezrukova posted a post in the social network in which she told fans that it was difficult for her to cope with the idea that her personal life did not work out: “I collect myself from shards. Separation, separation, lies, betrayal ... The more you open up, trust, let someone in the soul, the more painful then. But otherwise I can not. Wish me healed. And to be able to again accept someone into your soul completely, without looking back, as if you were a native ”.

Irina and Sergey Bezrukov, we recall, broke up in 2015 after 15 years of marriage. Since then, Irina lives alone. At the same time, in March 2016, Sergey married the director Anne Mathison, in July of the same year, their daughter Maria was born.

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