Is it possible to use clay for cosmetic purposes during pregnancy?

Therapeutic properties of clay

Clay is an excellent antiseptic. It has anti-inflammatory, stimulating and regenerating properties. Clay is able to absorb fats and liquids, perfectly eliminates skin imperfections. It is white, blue, green, pink, red, gray, yellow and even black. Each of the varieties has its own special properties.
For example, white clay has regenerating properties, improves the complexion, and also perfectly fights acne. Blue clay is a storehouse of anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it fights cellulite.
Green clay is beautiful with deep cleansing, and also regenerates and nourishes the skin, narrows enlarged pores. Green clay can restore facial contour and tighten skin.
Pink clay strengthens the nails, and the gray perfectly moisturizes the skin. Red clay is indispensable for sensitive skin prone to redness.
Yellow clay has anti-acne and exfoliating properties. Black clay fights toxins in the body, so it is often used for wraps.

What kind of clay can a pregnant woman use?

During pregnancy, for cosmetic purposes, you can use any clay, as long as it is clean. It is more correct to buy clay in the pharmacy.
The maximum result from the use of clay is observed in the form of cosmetic masks. You just need to choose the type of clay, which is most suitable for the skin, if there is no specific color of clay, you can take any. It is only important to remember that the mask must be prepared in ceramic or glass (not iron), to avoid oxidation.
For better results, different ingredients are often added to clay masks: lemon juice, oatmeal, cucumber juice, herbal decoctions.
In addition to skin problems with enlarged pores, acne, high fat, while waiting for your baby, you can face problems such as papillomas on the chest and neck, as well as varicose veins.You can get rid of them, making lotions, compresses of clay with grated garlic. Thus, permanent skin care using clay masks will allow a pregnant woman to be young and attractive.
There are no contraindications to the use of clay during pregnancy. The only restriction is individual intolerance, expressed in the appearance of allergic reactions.

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