Is the passport ready?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
January 8, 2013
Is the passport ready?

Almost every citizen of Russia now has a passport. And this is not at all due to the fact that everyone is going abroad, the culture of documentation by Russian citizens is simply increasing. A foreign passport is on a par with a Russian and driver’s license a document certifying the identity of a citizen, in the first place. Secondly, trips abroad are made cheaper, and very often, last-minute trips have the most attractive price, and a passport may be required urgently, unplanned. Then the future owner considers days to the moment when he takes up the long-awaited document! Therefore, the question arises whether the passport is ready. Where can I find out?


When you hand over documents for obtaining a passport to your city or regional department of the Federal Migration Service, ask the inspector when you should come for a passport and where, on which phone, you can ask about its readiness. And then wait for the appointed time and call.As a rule, in the province clearance takes up to 3 weeks, in capitals up to 4 months.

Receiving using the site

But the most convenient solution to this issue is not to stand in lines at the Federal Migration Service, not to file documents or to receive them, but to apply for a passport on the Internet.

On the website this can be done simply and very conveniently. First you need to register on the site, where you have to enter your SNILS, it will become your password to enter the system. After that, you will receive a registered paper letter with an activation code on the website. Then you can enter your personal account and issue not only a passport, but many other documents. The second after the passport in popularity is the service of opening the IP and LLC. To apply for an international passport you fill in all the columns directly on the site - data about yourself, about your work activity, upload your photos. Then you receive an e-mail message stating that your application has been assigned a number such and such, and it has gone to work. Then you absolutely will not need to worry how to find out if the passport is ready. Exactly! A message will be sent to your email that the passport is ready, and they are waiting for you at such and such, on such and such days, and on such and such hours.And I will note that everyone who applies for an international passport through this site is served out of turn!

You will be invited to an appointment with the inspector twice. One is for photographing for a passport of the new sample, the second is for getting a ready passport. Whether the international passport is ready for a new sample, you will find out the same way as about a regular passport - in a letter to an electronic mailbox. There is a difference between these two passports, but in the other. A new one is issued for 10 years, it contains an electronic chip with information about you and a photo of your retina. The same difference in the amount of duty. For a new passport you will pay 2500.

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