"This is more than life." What do poets write about Magnitogorsk?

March 21 is World Poetry Day. Do you think this holiday is not related to Magnitogorsk? Woman’s Day talked to the talented poets of Magnitogorsk and found out what inspires them to work.

Jenny Temirgazina

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Jenny is a young poetess, romantic, dreaming of being "a little fairy." Seriously took up poetry at age 19, when she studied at the university. For his poems he prefers themes “light”, romantic, such as love and nature.

“Every day carries something new, unexpected. These discoveries inspire writing. It can be a negative experience, a joyful meeting, and a beautiful landscape, and longing for someone distant, ”the poetess says.

Now Jenny is fascinated by children's poetry: “In this direction, you can naively and fantastically create, compose, draw magic words with the word. Ostrosotsialnaya poetry does not work, just because of the fae, fabulousness of my Muse ”.

And Jenny sings, so she loves poetry in music: “I like Elena Frolova, who writes music to poems by various poets and creates her own songs.I like Elena Kamburova, whose repertoire is very subtle. She is very careful with the word. In her songs, it is paramount, I think. I like the work of our Magnitogorsk poets: Natalia Karpicheva, Rimma Dyshlenkova, and still very deep and beautiful poems by Nina Yagodintseva from Chelyabinsk. I advise all novice writers: be surprised! Every day, open the world anew, notice new details, new people in your usual life. ”

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