Japanese Landscape Garden

Those who have once seen the beauty of a Japanese garden have forever remembered its charm, mystery, charm and harmony, which nature gives and stunning designer landscape solutions. This work of art as if wraps you with silence and lures you into the world of peace, tranquility and balance. There are no worries and difficulties. There is only peace and harmony with nature and your body!

Nature for Japan is a true creation of God, so they worship it, value and honor it. Japanese garden, where many flowers, trees, mountains and ponds - the place of ancestors and spirits.

In the very first Japanese gardens you could see the sea, islands, rocks, and a little later, in ponds with ponds with water and stones. This is a fascinating sight with an amazing aura and special atmosphere! Why? It's all about the Japanese attitude to these objects of landscape design! We are used to roasting shish kebabs in the parks and gardens, having fun with friends, and the Japanese consider such places to be something high, divine, moral and meaningful.Here they come to think about the universe, about the world, about high feelings, about experiences. In such parks you can clear your mind and soul, recharge with positive energy and energy for the next days. It is here that the most cherished dreams of man come true and the body rests, the mind and soul blooms!

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The basic rules for creating a Japanese garden on your site are

If you are eager to create such a fabulous corner of Japanese culture on your site, fully complying with all the rules, you need to familiarize yourself with them:

1. Completely imitate the natural landscape;

2. Avoid symmetry, straight lines. Plants in chaotic order;

3. Each element of the garden must be unique, unique and individual;

4. All items must be in an odd number;

5. Do not work on the plan, because you must fully feel the nature and your desire to create such a garden, therefore you need to plant plants, build reservoirs, etc., according to your desire. Do not pursue logical decisions, for some examples.The garden should be the embodiment of your desire and inspiration! Only in this case, what happens as a result will become your most reliable friend!

When creating your Japanese garden, remember the main thing: it should contain three elements - stone, water and plants. In nature, nothing is symmetrical, so you must follow its rules - no symmetry, all the elements randomly! Over time, trees and stones will grow with moss, which will make your garden more mysterious and natural.

Note that all Japanese gardens include a refuge in which they love to hide and shield themselves from reality. In such caves or houses, the Japanese love to meditate and reflect on the great. Create and have such a corner that will make your own garden more close to the Japanese traditions and culture.

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