Jennifer Garner told about the main disadvantage of marriage with Ben Affleck

Until recently, the main reason for the divorce of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck was considered an alcoholic dependence of the actor and his many betrayals. They said that even forgiving Jen there was no place to take so much patience, so last spring she filed for divorce after trying to save her marriage for two years in a row. But, as it turned out, there were other disadvantages in the couple's family life, and they were not unimportant: for example, the attention of reporters around the clock, from which Jennifer suffered much worse than her husband.

"Looking back, I still experience stress because of this. Even now, speaking of this, I feel that I can cry. Everyone said that I just have to go through this test and then it will not be so difficult. But the most difficult thing for me was to get through it, ”admitted the actress in a recent interview.

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