"Just kidding", "Maniac" and other cool serials of September

"Thirst for wanderings"

Exit: September 4

A six-part Netflix drama with Tony Collett, which is never boring. In the series, we have not seen her since “United States of Tara”, where the actress played a total of about a dozen characters. In Thirst for Travel, heroine Tony Collett and her husband, played by Stephen McIntosh, test their marriage for strength, explore their own sexuality, and push the boundaries of relationships.

"Sierra Burgess is a failure"

Exit: September 7

Take the ever-current play of Rostand Cyrano de Bergerac, just put the events in the average American school, and give the role of Cyrano to a plump pupil. Shannon Percer from “Very Strange Affairs” plays a high school student Sierra, who is in correspondence with a nice guy who thinks she is a fat-lipped beauty from the next class. In general, the girls unite and fool the guy for a couple. This relationship is sometimes very funny, and sometimes it breaks the heart,as it should be in adolescence.

"Just kidding"

Exit: September 9

One of the most anticipated TV shows of September. Jim Carrey in the title role, Michel Gondry in the director's chair ... This union gave us the saddest romm in the world, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. This time Gondry playing childhood and Kerry joker playing seems to have done the saddest comedy series.

Comedian Jeff has led a children's show for decades. But the good-natured and joker once overtook a severe personal crisis, and then he realized that this kindness simply kills him.

“American Horror Story: Apocalypse”

Exit: September 12

The eighth season of the series has come to the apocalypse. Viewers will have to remember the events of the first and third seasons (“House-Killer” and “The Sabbat”). Remember the boy who killed his nanny in the first season finale? In the Apocalypse, Michael Langdon appears already pretty mature and does not get bored witches from Coven. Traditionally, we are waiting for superrales of Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and, it seems (hooray hooray!), Jessica Lange.


Exit: September 14

Two good people fell in love with each other, got married and began to live long and happy ... The series “Forever” is just about what happens after a happy ending.The lead roles are the sweetest Fred Armisen from Portland and Maya Rudolph, who we remember as the bride from The Bachelorette Party in Vegas.


Exit: September 21

Under the finale of September there is a series that is tired of waiting. The director is the author of the first season of “The Real Detective”, Cary Fugunaga, starring Emma Stone, John Hill and Justin Theroux. "Maniac" is based on the Norwegian eponymous series about a patient of a psychiatric hospital, living imaginary events, but does not follow the Scandinavian analogue literally.
Emma Stone and John Hill play volunteer participants in a unique medical experiment. They are experiencing a new medicine, immersing themselves in new and new worlds arising in their imagination. At some point, the experiment failed, and nobody warned them about the side effects at all.


Exit: September 24

Nearly two hundred people boarded the plane, survived the sensible shaking, but successfully landed at the point of arrival. Everyone at the airport was shocked: these passengers were already considered missing, because they hadn’t heard anything for five years ... Outwardly, no one has changed, the children have not grown up. What hole has this five-year anniversary fallen into? People, who seemed to have been given a second chance for life, are in a hurry to use it, but not all of their relatives are ready for this.

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