Justin Theroux is dating Emma Stone?

Jennifer Aniston after a divorce from Justin Theroux was looking for support among friends (in particular, she spent a lot of time with her best friend, Courtney Cox) and now, having fully recovered, has gone headlong into shooting in a new film.

As it turned out, not one Jen was looking for solace "in the company of girlfriends." Her ex-husband too! Recently, Justin is often seen with Emma Stone, who was considered a friend of the starry family. Justin and Emma were seen together at a dinner in New York, on a yacht in France and visiting Jennifer Lawrence. It is rumored that the 46-year-old actor is even thinking of moving to Emma in Los Angeles (when he recently disliked this city!). "Jen's worst nightmare can come true," says a disgruntled source from the environment of the actress. “Justin told his friends that he was going to move to Los Angeles, where he would most likely live with Emma.” Here it is, female friendship! There is no rest for poor Jennifer. ”

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