Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beale talked about the difficulties of having a son Silas

Three years ago, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beal became the happy parents of baby Silas. Then the star couple abstained from any stories about their first parental experience. But years later, they still decided to share what they had to go through in a new book written by ... their nanny.

In a published excerpt from the book “Connie's nanny method: the first four months in the role of parents - secrets of skill” the couple admitted that at some point things did not go according to plan, and instead of giving birth to natural birth, Jessica had to agree to a caesarean section. “I was obsessed with all natural. - No toxins, only organic products and homeopathic medicines, the actress shared. “As a result, our baby was born in the operating room with a cesarean section.”

Jessica also admitted that they just flew in the clouds, thinking that their plan to have a baby at home was absolutely normal: “We armed ourselves with two midwives, one midwife, underwent a meditation course at birth, bought a ton of books for hippie parents and turned our sweet home on the Hollywood Hills in the training base for the birth of a child. All this cannot be called normal. ”

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