Justin Timberlake touchingly congratulated Jessica Beale on his wedding anniversary

Some couples say that when you meet your future mate, you understand with your sixth sense: you will bind your life with this person. So it was with Jessica Beal, when their affair with Justin Timberlake was just beginning. “At that time we met for a short time. I remember I called my friend and said: "But I will marry this guy." She just laughed. I do not know what happened to me then, but I know that for many it was like this: you don’t dream, you don’t dream, but you just state a fact. This is how it works. ”

Unlike Mila Kunis, who believes communication is the foundation on which relationships are built, Beel says: “Justin and I are both rather selfish, because both are aimed at a successful career. The fact that we value the same thing brings us closer together. ” On October 19, the couple celebrated the fifth wedding anniversary, but together they have been raising their two-year-old son, Silas, since 2007 and now.Justin congratulated her lover on a date, leaving her a touching message on instagram: “Today is a special day for me, because five years ago I became the happiest man in the world with you.” The musician performed the song of Leon Russell A Song For You, under which they danced with Jessica for the first time.

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