Knitted Sox

A few years ago, young people had a new hobby - a game in the socks. In foreign countries, this is called footbag. The essence of the game consists in stuffing a small knitted ball with legs and other parts of the body, except for the hands and handing it over to other players. Socks come in a variety of colors, so you can always find something to your taste. To have your own unique ball, you can easily tie it with your own hands. To create a socks, we need: - threads. Since the footbag is small, you will need a very small skein of thread. You should not choose wool, it is better to give preference to cotton or synthetic yarn. - hook. The optimal hook size is 3-4 mm. - pin or marker. With them we will fasten the beginning of the knitted row so as not to stray. - scissors and a needle and thread. They are useful at the completion of the work. - filler. As a filler, you can use cereals (rice, buckwheat, peas), small plastic balls or bullets from a toy gun. In our case, the beef will be filled with peas.However, it is worth remembering that it is not recommended to moisten soks with cereals, as buckwheat and peas are quickly soaked that it will spoil the whole game.  Gorosh tyinka
The process of making the sax. First of all you need to connect 5 air loops. Such an amount is optimal, because if you make more of them, you end up with a circle that is too large, and the filler will fall out.
 air loops
When we pull the end of the thread , it turns out a small circle, which will be the beginning of the sax.  start of the sax Then in the loop, where the hook, we catch the pin and start knitting the bars without nak Ida to the marked loop.
 without nakida to the marked loop
After that, we begin to add loops. To do this, we make two columns without single crochet in each 2 loops of the previous row. We knit up the pins.
add loops
Then we make two columns with no crochet in each 3 loops.So do the rest of the series, until we realize that the size is already sufficient. In our case, two single crochet columns turned out in each loop 8.
 column without nakida
After that we knit simple columns without nakida in each loop. You can not count the rows, but just look at the eye, how many rows of socks will be enough. Usually fit 8-10 rows. When knitting, it is necessary to ensure that the threads fit tightly to each other so that there are no holes.
there were no holes
When we tied the required number of rows, we will reduce the size of our socks. Since the last addition was done on each 8th loop, we will first reduce the decrease also on 8.
 do also
Next, you need to do a decrease on loop 7, 6 and beyond, until let's get to the end. After all done in the ball there will be a small hole.
 we fill the filler
In this hole we carefully fill the filler. You can pre-place the nylon sock in the sock and pour the cereal into it already,to reduce the likelihood of spilling filler.
 we fill the filler
After the filler is poured, you need to knit the remaining hole or stitch it with threads. Now our sox is ready!
 Knitted Sox

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