"Kotoshyan": reality show with cats

Until today, we could not call a reality show, in whose love it would not be a shame to admit. And certainly it was not the scandalous project “The High Life of the Kardashian Family” ... - even if you never watched it, you could never hear about it. To our joy, in Iceland came up with the show, which is definitely not embarrassing to see, because its participants were cute kittens with unspeakable Icelandic names Gyudny, Stubbur, Brit and Ronya, living under the same roof of the puppet mansion! And let the Kotoshyan family behave more modestly and decently than the Kardashian sisters, each episode of “Kotoshianov” collects more than 100 thousand views on YouTube.

At the same time, “The high life of the Kotoshyan family” is not just a reality show, but a project that helps homeless kittens to find loving owners.

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