Kristen Stewart raised the journalist who asked her about "Twilight"

Just as Daniel Radcliffe is now forever not to get rid of the questions from “Harry Potter” and its derivatives, Kristen Stewart will have to answer questions about “Twilight”, where she played the main female role, until the end of her life. Confirmation to that - Chris talked with the journalist Entertainment Tonight, held the day before.

“I didn’t think that I would ever ask this question, but ... You know, Robert Pattinson stood here a week earlier and claimed that he would gladly act in the continuation of the twilight saga. And you? Are you for it? ”The reporter asked. “Oh, absolutely. No, really, I can't wait to be sent the script. Let's do it already! It's time to go, ”said Stewart confidently, and her irony would have gone unnoticed if Laura Dern standing next to her had not laughed out loud. “That would be a joy,” she sneered. Kristen only modestly shrugged her shoulders, and then ventured into sentimental reasoning.

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