Learning to wear sneakers in a new way (12 photos)

Sneakers are a classic, because sneakers have not gone out of fashion for many, many years, constantly transforming, developing and delighting their fans with new and interesting bows.

Needless to say, those times were gone when simple dark sneakers with a rubberized flat sole were used by teenagers and young people exclusively in physical education classes. Today, such a wardrobe item should be present in every modern woman of fashion, and not in a single copy.

Main Details

A variety of models literally seized the windows of all fashion stores, popular designers, who yesterday shocked everyone with trendy and extraordinary shoes with high heels, today they are surprised by stylish and unusual models of sports shoes, and sneakers take not the last place.

If you still do not know what it is fashionable to wear sneakers with today, do not be sad, we have specially prepared for you the most interesting and popular recommendations on this matter.

Cool girl

Many girls and young women are wary of such shoes, especially those who are used to always wear heels, but we can assure you with confidence that athletic shoes, not worse than model shoes, can make an image the most girly and stylish. And it is absolutely unimportant whether it will be classic dark models or something brighter and bold, the main thing is to catch the desired wave, which is completely simple.

Main accessories

We want to warn you right away: sneakers will not suit everyone, for example, mature women in such shoes can look somewhat ridiculous, an exception, of course, will be classic sports looks.

Also, such shoes should be treated with care for girls with curvaceous shapes and extra pounds, because shoes with flat soles, and even in combination with some tight leggings, can be very unprofitable to emphasize all your shortcomings. That's all the real limitations that can be put on such shoes, but otherwise - a full flight of imagination and creativity!

Perfect with a skirt

But, before you start to collect a new and interesting image, you need to understand the models that are now offered to us by famous world brands.

  • Classical monophonic gym shoes on a flat sole.
  • Sneakers for representatives of musical subcultures, they are usually dazzled with bright and acidic colors, emblems, inscriptions, on the surface of the fabric and the sole various combinations of colors, patterns and images related to musical themes are possible.
  • Sneakers in the style of country or Provence (in a small flower or pattern, usually light and delicate shades).
  • High sneakers on the platform or sneakers with heels.
  • Sneakers on a flat sole with all sorts of spikes, rivets, sequins, rhinestones and other glamorous things.

What can I wear with classic sneakers?

Standard classic options are very easy to distinguish from the rest - they do not have any patterns and decorations, they are usually made in a unisex style, and, therefore, are suitable for both women's daily and men's styles.

Comfortable and stylish

But do not think that in addition to the sports club, such shoes are nowhere to wear: at least, a combination with regular jeans, a light sweatshirt or a T-shirt will make you a real aristocrat who went, for example, to go shopping or for a walk with friends.

And what is convenient, comfortable,stylish and youth! In addition to the standard classic image, nice looking sports dresses or flared skirts, tight tight jeans or leggings, which necessarily fill in sneakers.

Cool image

Another popular image with classic models, this combination of such shoes with denim shorts or skirts - is very easy and tempting, especially if you can show off even and beautiful legs.

The only thing to remember when putting on sneakers with denim clothing: they should harmonize with each other, both in color and texture, imbalance is excluded.

For example, if you are wearing light jeans, then sneakers should be light, close in tone. You can try to play in bright contrast: for example, red skinny jeans and black shoes.

Beautiful and stylish

By the way, I would like to pay special attention to white sneakers - truly universal shoes. They are ideally combined with any clothes, which makes them increasingly popular among stylish youth, and today white sneakers are usually combined with more elegant clothes than regular jeans and sweatshirts.

beautiful image

The combination of white sneakers and coats looks very interesting and advantageous, or they are combined with a light summer dress, and I would like to note that it is not necessarily sporty and not necessarily short.Extravagant combinations of white and other colored representatives of sports shoes with long dresses in the floor is becoming more popular day by day, but, nevertheless, it is worth noting that this is a bold combination, which is not enough for every fashion woman.

With what to wear high sneakers?

High-top sneakers have become a fashionable variety of their low brethren, today they are incredibly popular among young ladies and risky ladies who want to draw attention to their own persona.

fashion footwear

High wedge sneakers are perfectly combined with short shorts and skirts, and you can add a special charm to this image with the help of interesting accessories: baubles, bracelets, glasses, and those who are younger will have sleeves or gloves.

Sporting images are not bypassed: high-top sneakers look perfect with leggings, leggings and a hoodie, this combination is especially important in spring and autumn: warm, comfortable and stylish.

Extreme and bold combination - high-heeled sneakers, which are now at the peak of popularity among world designers, with a leather or denim dress.


If you still prefer jeans to all dresses and skirts, then let it be so: all variants are appropriate here, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, classic straight or juggins. But here, as in the case of classic models, we don’t forget about the rules of color: shoes should be combined with jeans, and the image should not contain more than 4 different colors, otherwise you risk reminding a multi-colored tasteless traffic light.

Do not forget about accessories: sneakers are perfectly combined with belts, handbags, and not necessarily sports style, scarves and headbands, bracelets and fervent baubles, pendants and large rings.

Fit and dress

If you go to recreate the glamorous style in your own image, then you will come to the aid of models studded with colored stones, rhinestones, spikes or sequins. Such options, however, are more suitable for young girls and teenagers, for girls after 25 years, perhaps it’s time to give up on such models.

Experiment with flowers

Owners of beautiful and slender legs fit combination of shoes with rhinestones or stones with mini skirts, short shorts or a light dress that will give your image of romance.

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