Love at a distance - why does it arise?

Recently, there have been frequent cases when people began to make love relationships with partners from other cities. This is facilitated by the development of means of communication, mainly the Internet. Numerous portals and dating sites allow you to meet a potential lover from different cities. Only 20-30 years ago such cases were rather rare.
There are people whose love partners appear mostly only in other cities. They themselves explain this by coincidence. If you look at such cases, you can come to interesting conclusions.
Our seeker (whether it’s male or female) has a relationship in another city for several possible reasons:
1. Reluctance to take responsibility for the relationship.
Nonresident relations are characterized by the fact that, in many cases, it is difficult for such people to unite their destinies because of the impossibility of living in one place. Each person is tied to his city, his work, his relatives and friends. This may be a convenient reason to keep a partner at a distance and not to enter into a serious, demanding relationship, that is, in a marriage. Such people may complain that circumstances do not allow them to connect, but in the depths of their souls they got exactly what they wanted.
2. Fear of relationships.
Sometimes people are very afraid to enter into new deep relationships, for example, by virtue of a previous negative love experience. In this case, they prefer remote communication.
3. The desire to independently manage their time.
Relationships at a distance allow you to always or almost always be the master of your time and not report to anyone in your actions. If there is no legal half, you can go to the club at any time, go to friends, etc.
4. Reluctance to invest strength and resources in the development of relations.
Having a partner in another city makes it possible to significantly reduce material costs (gifts, flowers, going to the movies, etc.) and efforts made to take care of another person. Usually this is typical for an infantile person who is not ready to invest strength and energy in permanent relationships.It is easier for such people to communicate on the Internet or telephone, to support their partner emotionally and express their feelings than to help in real life to solve a problem.
Sometimes only an awareness of the causes can change the situation; in other cases, consultation with a psychologist and deep self-analysis will help.

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