Love by law: the court ordered the guy to make 144 compliments of the former

Not every girl can wait for so many pleasant words from a man, and at first someone might even envy ex-lover Darren Young. But do not rush to draw conclusions. The judge of the US state of Hawaii made such a verdict.

After breaking up, Darren literally pursued his ex-girlfriend. And even after he received a court order to stop any attempts at communication, he did not heed the voice of reason. In less than three hours, the young man sent 144 outrageous messages to the ex-sweetheart, mixed with attempts to reach her.

relationship of man and woman

As a result, the guy was arrested. He spent about five months in prison, and after that the court ruled. In addition to a fine of $ 2,400 and correctional work, Judge Ronald Lowe came up with an original task for Darren: to send just as many compliments as the offensive SMS he sent to the girl. True, this time he should write on paper, and not using a mobile, even if the girl does not see the results of his work. “And not to repeat!” - concluded the judge.

Yang admitted that he regretted what had happened and was not going to repeat his mistakes. “I already let everything go, because we broke up almost 9 months ago,” the local man transmits.

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